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The Analyst’s Bookshelf: Creating a Winning Mindset

26-07-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 10 minute read

In the second part of our series The Analyst’s Bookshelf, we present you with 10 more books re...

Alba Berlin: How the German Basketball Champions Use Video Analysis

21-07-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 7 minute read

The coaching staff at Alba Berlin, led by Aíto Garcia Reneses on the bench and Himar Ojeda in...

How to Generate Your Own Data

12-07-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 11 minute read

In the era of Big Data, more and more companies are emerging that make huge volumes of data availabl...

Case Study: The Analysis Department at Villarreal

06-07-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 9 minute read

In the summer of 2020, Unai Emery, a coach well known for his dedication to and use of video analysi...

The Price of Nacsport: How Much Does the Software Cost

04-07-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 15 minute read

How much does Nacsport cost? Do I have to pay for it every year? Is it possible to pay in installmen...

Inside the Analysis Department at Leeds United

01-07-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 6 minute read

Since arriving at Leeds United, Marcelo Bielsa proved to be a revelation at Elland Road. Leading the...

The Analyst’s Bookshelf: 10 Recommended Books for Performance Analysts

29-06-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 12 minute read

Books give us knowledge and, as the old saying goes, knowledge is power. So, what kind of books do p...

The Methodology of Analysis at CA Osasuna

22-06-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 7 minute read

Can video analysis really be carried out successfully with only one analyst assigned to the first te...

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