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How to register passing information with Nacsport

14-08-2018 Written by Nacsport 4 minute read

A couple of days ago, Nacsport user Krzystof Stasiak asked us via Facebook how he could register adv...

12 Basic Q&A about Coach Station

08-08-2018 Written by Nacsport 3 minute read

In this blog we have gathered all the questions we received these last two weeks about our latest re...

“Understanding the game is the essence of video analysis”

05-06-2018 Written by Nacsport 1 minute read

Víctor Mañas is one of the performance analysts of Spanish coach Unai Emery. He has gi...

Use Nacsport Dashboards to Analyse Action in Different Areas of the Field

25-01-2018 Written by Nacsport 4 minute read

As we already stated in previous articles (Part 1 | Part 2), dashboards allow users to turn clicks i...

Turn Your Clicks into Stats with the Nacsport Dashboard (Part 2)

10-11-2017 Written by Nacsport 5 minute read

In Part 1, we covered the basics of Dashboards. This second post shows you more advanced features so...

Turn Your Clicks into Stats with the Nacsport Dashboard Tool (Part 1)

08-11-2017 Written by Nacsport 4 minute read

Dashboards allow users to turn registers into visual stats. With them, you will be able to review yo...

Video Analysis in Real Time: Instantly Send Info to the Bench

05-05-2016 Written by Nacsport 6 minute read

At Nacsport, when we speak about "real-time", there's always some questions. What exactly does this...

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