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The Analyst’s Bookshelf: 10 Recommended Books for Performance Analysts

29-06-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 12 minute read

Books give us knowledge and, as the old saying goes, knowledge is power. So, what kind of books do p...

A Practical Guide to Filming Sports with Drones

17-06-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 12 minute read

Drones have many uses. They can be used to control traffic in big cities, for cinematography and pho...

Top 5 Drones for Sports Video Analysis

08-06-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 15 minute read

Drones seem to be ever more present in the world of sports video analysis. Analysts all over the wor...

Entry Level Sports Analysis: The Power of Nacsport Basic

19-05-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 16 minute read

If you’ve spent any time rooting around the Nacsport product page, you may already know that t...

Send Live Analysis to the Bench with Coach Station

11-05-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 9 minute read

Have you ever wished that you could send images and data directly to the bench during a match in ord...

GAA Video Analysis with Nacsport

05-05-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 18 minute read

Hurling, gaelic football and camogie are the national sports of Ireland, governed collectively by th...

Nacsport Button Templates: Everything You Need to Know

14-04-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 22 minute read

The Button Template is one of the absolute fundamentals of video analysis with Nacsport. It provides...

Eye-Catching Data Visualisation with Nacsport and PowerPoint

06-04-2021 Written by Tony Bambrick 11 minute read

Tony Bambrick has been using Nacsport Basic+ and Klipdraw for analysis since early 2019. A match and...

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