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Nacsport 9.0: Pro and Elite for macOS, Improved Dashboards, New Live Options and Much More

28-06-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 15 minute read

You’re probably sitting there thinking “wasn’t Nacsport 8.0 just released a few mo...

Welcome to Nacsport Hub

28-06-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 13 minute read

Without a doubt, the Nacsport 9.0 update is massive. New tools, new features and improved workflows....

Nacsport and KlipDraw: Stronger Bonds for Better Analysis

28-06-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 1 minute read

Nacsport and KlipDraw continue to build their working relationship in order to give our users the ve...

How to Update Your Graphics Card Driver

09-06-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 4 minute read

One of the most important pieces of hardware when it comes to working with Nacsport is the graphics...

Nacsport Quick Share Links

05-06-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 10 minute read

Quick Share links allow Nacsport users to share tagging windows, analyses and presentations quickly...

Progressive Video Coaching at Fargo Force

24-05-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 13 minute read

By any account, Fargo Force have had a great season. Ending the regular USHL season as champs and li...

10 Tips for Creating Great Tagging Windows

08-05-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 11 minute read

Designing a well organised, functional tagging window is absolutely key to performing a good analysi...

What is Nacsport?

03-05-2023 Written by Nacsport 11 minute read

So, you’re interested in video analysis, right? You’re wondering what exactly Nacsport i...

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