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8 Ways to Search for and Filter Your Clips in Nacsport

14-06-2022 Written by Duncan Ritchie 13 minute read

One of the most important phases in the Nacsport workflow is the process of searching, analysing and...

Nacsport Courses: The Definitive Guide

13-06-2022 Written by Duncan Ritchie 11 minute read

Official Nacsport Courses offer coaches and analysts an unbeatable opportunity to deepen their under...

Why We’ve Introduced a Software Subscription Option

09-06-2022 Written by Alberto Rodríguez 8 minute read

At Nacsport, we’ve always been opposed to the software subscription model favoured by the majo...

How to Analyse a Football Match

06-06-2022 Written by Duncan Ritchie 22 minute read

To analyse a football match correctly, you must have a solid methodology. Whether you work with spec...

The Price of Nacsport: How Much Does the Software Cost?

31-05-2022 Written by Duncan Ritchie 12 minute read

How much does Nacsport cost? Do I have to pay for it every year? Is it possible to pay in installmen...

The Evolution of Nacsport: Annual Subscriptions and Rebranding

23-05-2022 Written by Duncan Ritchie 11 minute read

Today, we bring you some massive Nacsport news as we introduce a new form of payment for all the pro...

A Guide to Nacsport Descriptor Calculator

12-05-2022 Written by Duncan Ritchie 8 minute read

One of the most advanced filtering tools in Nacsport is the Descriptor Calculator, which can be used...

Sharimg 5.0: Team Tracking Area and MacOS Uploader

04-05-2022 Written by Duncan Ritchie 5 minute read

After the release of the Sharimg mobile app a short time ago, we are now happy to announce a brand-n...

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