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Analyst Spotlight - Dr Bobbi Willcox

18-09-2019 Written by Enrico Caballero

After featuring in our recent post on influential female analysts in sport - and with a fast-growing list of international clients, we wanted to ask New Zealand netball analyst Dr Bobbi Willcox about the unique work she’s doing with teams around the world.



How to set up Nacsport on your Mac computer

06-09-2019 Written by Enrico Caballero

As a Mac user, you may have mistakenly thought that it’s not possible to run Nacsport video analysis software on your computer.


Although it’s not a native Apple s...

The hockey analyst using Nacsport to teach valuable life skills to younger players

06-09-2019 Written by Enrico Caballero

Cartouche Hockey club in Holland is a professional setup, with men's and women's teams playing in the country’s regional league system, that retains a strong link with local communities, in i...

Analyst Spotlight - Maxime Chalier

The Dutch soccer team using performance analysis to build a team for the future

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