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Intelligent Analysis: Play-by-Play and the Dynamic Timeline

23-02-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 6 minute read

When Nacsport 8.0 was released, it represented a massive leap forward for Nacsport with a complete r...

Case Study: The Spanish Field Hockey Federation

14-02-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 14 minute read

Although the majority of our users are involved in the worlds of football and basketball, Nacsport w...

Video Analysis as a Psychological Tool

14-02-2023 Written by Daniel Muñoz 15 minute read

Can video analysis influence the psychology of a team? Yes, definitely. Although we generally talk a...

How to Get Players More Involved in Video Analysis

23-01-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 13 minute read

It’s not exactly breaking news that the use of video analysis in sport is becoming increasingl...

2022 Review: A Year of Evolution for Nacsport

12-12-2022 Written by Duncan Ritchie 8 minute read

Well, we’re rapidly approaching the end of the year and, as we do every December, we’d l...

Renewing Your Nacsport

07-12-2022 Written by Duncan Ritchie 7 minute read

Whether it’s time for you to update your Nacsport Support and Update Service, or whether it&rs...

Which Is the Best Video Analysis Software Package for You?

06-12-2022 Written by Duncan Ritchie 19 minute read

When you have a range of software packages as wide as ours, this is one of the questions which tends...

The Top 10 Nacsport Blogs of 2022

02-12-2022 Written by Duncan Ritchie 11 minute read

Every year, we strive to bring you the best video analysis content possible through our website, soc...

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