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01-March-2019 on Users

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As his team prepared for one of its most important games of the season, we took a 10-minute time-out with head coach at the St John’s Jesuit hockey program, Matt Bollinger, to chat all things Nacsport.

So, first things first. Why Nacsport?

“I first came across the name about a year ago, when I arrived at St John’s. Along with the rest of the coaching staff we researched the various software packages available to us. Nacsport had all the features we were looking for, in a format we were familiar with, which was a big plus.

“Having customizable ‘hotkeys’ and the ability to review or export clips within individual categories certainly helped,” says Bollinger, “Along with a very straightforward and logical flow to actually creating presentations.”

Which members of staff are using Nacsport and what are their roles within your team?


“We have one coach who tags every game as it happens, so that we can review games immediately after they finish or even discuss specific events between periods. Two more of my assistants focus on Power Plays and Penalty Kills individually, with both only tagging clips of their special teams and possible adjustments.

“As head coach I tend to review categories and clips of particular parts of a game, where I may have noticed a strong point we can enhance or a weakness that needs addressing. Typically I’ll pull out and save the clearest examples I can use in our coaching sessions. I also save all the clips of shots faced by our goalies, which are sent to their own goalkeeping coach.”

Did you have much contact with Nacsport before buying - and have you needed our support post purchase?


“Yes. As it goes I had a list of questions we needed answering while we were in the decision making phase. We spoke with Laurie and found her to be extremely knowledgeable about the product. Since we began using Nacsport - almost a year ago - I’ve been back to her several times with questions. On each occasion I’ve had a quick response and my problem has been solved.”

Without giving away any secrets, tell us a little about your current workflow and how Nacsport fits into your coaching process?


“As I said, we live tag every match. If one of my staff flags something important we’ll address that between periods. Post-match coaching staff will sit down together and review all the key moments, rewatching the video and discussing how to correct any issues. I’ll use some of that material in training sessions during the week and we all sit down together at some point for a pre-practice video analysis meeting.

“We also clip upcoming opponents, paying special attention to their ‘tendencies’, building a visual presentation of their strengths and weaknesses to be viewed before the game.”

How has Nacsport helped your job as a coach?


“It’s streamlined a large part of my work, making it very easy to collect and present specific moments within a game for review. I usually know exactly what points to make after a game and with Nacsport I can easily access incidents which illustrate them.

“Once I have the clips I need, even when they’re from a variety of ‘Categories’, I can organize them

logically to create a flow to my coaching.

“To give you an example: Ahead of our last match I wanted to review how the opposing team generated scoring chances in our last meeting. It was easy to see that of their 7 5v5 scoring chances, six were the result of an unforced turnover or poor puck management.

“In my pre-match briefing I put a real emphasis on taking care of the puck with that opponent and we ran out with another win, playing one of our strongest games of the season in regards to turnovers and unforced errors.

ice hockey sports analysis

And how has it helped the team?


“Over the last year I’d say our coaching team has received a lot of very positive feedback from the players regarding video analysis sessions. Everyone in the team feels the use of video has been exceptionally productive for performance.

NB. At the time if writing SJJ Titans were preparing for a district playoffs showdown and a place in the Frozen Four season-ending finals.

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