The Dutch soccer club using performance analysis to build a team for the future

By Enrico Caballero

28-August-2019 on Users

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Recently promoted back to Holland’s top flight after an absence of 5 years, RKC Waalwijk is a club looking to halt its yo-yo membership of the country’s premier football league.


Key to that plan is Waalwijk’s investment in an experienced and very capable management team, brought in to develop long term improvement rather than short term glory.

Meet the ex-midfielder turned football analyst

Former player and manager of Ajax’s flagship youth-team ‘Jong Ajax’, Fred Grim spent time as the national coach in 2017, before signing on as manager at Waalwijk. As part of his team, Grim appointed former Waalwijk player Sander Duits, tasked with developing a deeper understanding of the team’s potential.



To help him do that, Duits began using Nacsport at the beginning of last season, his final year as a player. 12 months on we returned to Waalwijk to find out if our software had helped the team turn around its fortunes:


“It’s helped the club immeasurably,'' says the analyst, “Making individual development a lot easier. Contact between management and players is key. The software really helps us communicate the areas we need to improve and illustrate them.


Sharimg is crucial to that work. All we have to do is upload the content once and the whole team can access it whenever they want. It’s really contributing to our development and improving the way we communicate,” continues Duits.


“I use the (Nacsport) Tag&View app during matches, which saves me time later and means I can contact the bench if something needs changing urgently. It also leaves me with less work to do post-match.


Working from the stands

“I view (and tag) games from up in the stands using an iPad, but I’m constantly connected to Erwin (van Breugel, Grim’s second assistant) and he receives all the data I create. He then uses what he considers most important, to share with the players in real-time. Goalkeeping coach Serge van de Ban also has access to everything we produce.


“Another great help for me is KlipDraw, which adds focus to many of the points I try and make. Obviously, the arrows, text boxes and spotlight features are useful for discussing position and actions with the players. But to put it simply - if you can imagine it, chances are there’s a tool in KlipDraw to help visualise it.


“I think because of its very visual aspect, it (KlipDraw) actually helps get the message across to players quicker than trying to explain things verbally. And if anyone does struggle to understand what we’re saying we can sit with them and show them on a screen, which makes things simpler to explain.

Effective communication between coaches and players

“As for Sharimg - the players love it! They find it very easy to work with and the fact that they can watch videos or presentations at their leisure, means they’re viewing important information multiple times - at home!


“That’s a huge advantage for us as coaches.



“Team meetings used to consist of us playing lots of video clips to the players. But that happens much less now, because we know everyone can view them at their own convenience - leaving us free to concentrate on the really important stuff during our time together.”


Data analysis is a part of life for today’s professionals

“I’m not surprised the players are making full use of Sharimg”, says Duits. “It’s been a great investment. They have all the data they need on our opponents, on what’s working well for us and the areas we need to improve on.


“In fact, I think it’s necessary for professional players today to devote a small amount of their own time to review performance,'' concludes the Waalwijk analyst. “They’d be crazy not to as it helps them prepare for games and become better athletes”.


If you’d like to begin making better-informed decisions about your team, discover their hidden strengths or learn how to defend against their collective weaknesses, Nacsport offers a huge selection of analytical data and infinite ways to view or record it.


To book a free 1 month trial of any of our analytical tools, simply click the button marked ‘Try It’ at the top of this page!



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