Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of opposing teams

By Enrico Caballero

07-November-2019 on Interviews

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Known as one of the best part-time sides in the Netherlands, VV. Katwijk were runaway winners of the country’s Tweede Division last year and recently turned down an offer to go full time.         

In our latest interview, we speak with analyst Onno Böcker about working at the club and how he uses Nacsport to build up detailed profiles of upcoming opponents - a tactic that’s proved hugely successful at Katwijk.

When and how did you discover / begin using Nacsport? Were you using any

kind of sports analysis app before?

I discovered Nacsport during the 2015/16 season, when my former club Door Oefening Sterk Roelofarendsveen purchased a license. Before that I wasn’t using any type of software to analyse matches.



What layers within the club are using Nacsport?

At this moment only the men’s first team is using Nacsport. In the future, we plan for the youth teams to start using Nacsport too.



Approximately, how many games do you analyse every week?

It depends, but most of the time 2 matches in a week.



How do you use Nacsport? What does a ’typical’ analysis involve for you?

We first code the match live using the Tag&View app on a tablet. After the coding, we sit down to create and edit clips with Nacsport on the laptop.



How many people do you work with - as part of your analytical team and who do

you report to?

Our technical staff consists of five people. The analytical side of the team includes the head coach, his assistant and myself. We work closely together and I report directly to the head coach.



How is your work used? Do coaches and team managers work with your presentations?

The presentations made by me are used in two ways. The first is to review games after the weekend, usually on Monday. My second task is to prepare a report on our next opponent. I use clips and short videos of these teams to gather information and begin developing a strategy with the coaches, for our next match.



Do you focus on any particular areas of a game to analyse? And if so, which ones?

Yes, we certainly focus on specific areas. Before the match the analytics team discuss areas to focus on. Looking at our opponent we use pretty much the same strategy. We are identifying the strong and weak points of our competitors.



How do you think the team benefits from your work? 

The team definitely benefit from the clips and information we provide. It helps to visualise tactical issues to the players. 


And we always finish with an open discussion on how to handle the threats we’ve highlighted, or tactical moments we expect will occur during the game.


One example of this would be how, where and when to apply pressure on our opponents while they have the ball.



Are you achieving your analytical goals? What would help you be more effective

or what frustrates you about your work?

Yes, I am achieving my analytical goals at the moment. 


What sometimes frustrates me is the time it takes me to upload large video files. We share videos with the players using the Sharimg platform and if there was a way to upload entire folders of content, rather than individual clips, that would save me a lot of time.



Have players and coaches ‘bought-in’ to your analytical work?

Yes, they certainly have. Now we are using Sharimg the players have really increased their participation.


They’ve started asking questions about their own performances and that of the team and getting involved in our tactical planning.



Do you use any other tools in your analysis or presentations?

Yes, we do. As mentioned we use the Tag&View sports analysis app during games and Sharimg to store and share clips and reports.



Are you using external data providers? (InStat, WyScout etc)

No, we don’t use any other data providers.



How do you see the role of analyst developing in your sport?

The role of analyst will become more and more accepted and widely used. The modern football manager cannot work efficiently without some form of analytical input. 


So I see the position of analyst as crucial within a team’s technical staff.



If you could add one new feature to Nacsport, what would it be?

I’d like to see even more emphasis on real-time analysis and maybe easier communication between colleagues collaborating on reports.


Other than that, I’m really happy with Nacsport just the way it is.


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