Analyst Spotlight - Rubén Berrogui Baigorri

By Nacsport

26-April-2019 on Users

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In the second of our frank and open interviews, with Nacsport users pushing our software in new directions, we speak with another of Spain's emerging generation of analysts taking the discipline to new heights. In this edition CA Osasuna's innovative First Team Analyst, Rubén Berrogui Baigorri, discusses his route into analytics and how his work with the first team has gradually filtered through to every area of the club.          

How long have you been working with video analysis? And for how much of that time have you been using Nacsport?
I’ve been working in analytics for 5 years and using Nacsport for all of that time. A colleague introduced me to the discipline and, as he was already a Nacsport user, I became one too.

How many games do you analyse in an average week and what kind of things are you tagging?
Typically I analyse as many as 5 games a week and deliver 3 presentations.
Often one of those will be from a team I see as comparable to Osasuna, where I’ll look for key differences and similarities to our own style of play.

Pre-match preparation consists of 3 standalone presentations, one focusing on the opposing team, one highlighting our own strengths and weaknesses and the third - usually delivered on match day - analysing the opposition’s strategy actions.

ruben berrogui eng
Has using analytics helped prepare your team better for upcoming games?
Yes. We are developing new ways of coaching to specifically counteract opposition skills and key players. Much of this involves practicing specific moves or strategy in training, that can then be repeated on the pitch.

Do you work in real time and if so how do you share that information with coaches and the bench?
We do live tag games and work in real time, but none of that information is relayed to the coaching team until after the game. 

How many people do you work with?
I have overall responsibility for the information we share between 8 coaching staff, who all work at different levels, creating various reports on opposing teams or our own players and teams. 

Does Nacsport make it easy to achieve your working goals?
Definitely. It has everything I need to do my job well.

How do you see the future of video analysis?
The position of analyst is becoming increasingly important in many sports and there are a lot of new jobs being created within our industry.

Speaking personally, one of the most important things for me is the sharing of knowledge. Analytics in sport is relatively new, so we analysts are all in a similar position. I like the fact that there are more and more workshops and specific training courses run by analysts for analysts.

Are you using any external data providers and if so what for?
Yes. We use MediaCoach and Wyscout, largely for tactical analysis and researching players or teams in the week before a game.

I usually incorporate this information into my wider presentation to coaches and players.

Which teams are you using Nacsport with at Osasuna?
We use Nacsport at every level of the club now. Our wider analytical team have established its own methodology.

So it’s been easy to recreate very similar workflows with different levels within the club. We have a dedicated analyst with each team and that person is responsible for managing all the group’s data. Since last September we’ve been storing a lot of this, to create what we hope will become a comprehensive database of performance and progress.

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