Dutch Hockey Club HGC among our oldest clients

By Enrico Caballero

17-December-2019 on News

3 minute read

As we head towards our 15th anniversary together, the least we could say to one of our longest-serving customers is thank you


Sometimes, we focus so much on our daily routines that we lose sense of the bigger picture. We’re so focused on getting the next update out, or fixing the latest bug, that we forget the thousands of analysts and teams who rely on Nacsport software to do their jobs.

Whenever that happens, one of the team will usually remind us to keep our feet on the ground and our minds on what matters most - our users. We’ll stop for a moment, look back at past achievements and be thankful that our software helps so many people work smarter and more efficiently.


And that’s exactly what happened last week when, out of the blue, we received an email from our teammate Carlo Daniels at Caja Sport, the company representing us in Holland, Belgium and Germany.


He was just letting us know one of his clients - the leading Dutch hockey team HGC - would be renewing their Nacsport license until the end of the 2022 season. 



HGC is a team we know well. The former Euro Hockey League champions are long-time Nacsport users. But just how long have they been working with our software? We already knew they were one of our first customers in the Netherlands, but it was only when we went back through our user database that we realised just how long we’ve been a part of life at HGC.


We found a clue in the Nacsport blog, where there’s an article on the club dated from 2013, that mentions they began working with us back in 2005! A little more digging and we were able to confirm the fact that HGC placed their first order for Nacsport almost 15 years ago.


What else can we say?


It can be difficult to find words to express how grateful we are to teams like HGC, the trust they place in what we do and the confidence they maintain in our software. We love our work and rarely need extra motivation, but stories like HGC’s really drive what we do and help us continue pushing ourselves to be the best.


Clearly, a sporting partnership that’s lasted 14 years is a rare thing. Our partners at CaJaSport deserve a huge amount of credit for the hard work they’ve put in over the last decade and a half.


It’s a healthy, growing relationship


Time is not the only indicator of a great partnership. Since we began our relationship with HGC, back in 2005, the club has consistently increased the number of licenses it purchases, so their package now is vastly different to back then.



And where once only the men’s first XI had an analyst, now every team at the club - including seniors and their kids’ squads are using Nacsport to analyse their performance and improve. More recently, the club has added the Sharimg platform to its inventory too, making it much easier for coaches and management to share their post-match analysis with players online.


So, to all the players, coaches and management at HGC we say thanks a lot for all the good times and we hope to be with you for the next 15 years.

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