The Dutch hockey team embracing video analysis at every level

By Nacsport

05-April-2019 on News

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In the latest of our Meet the Coach posts, we talk with the analyst behind one hockey club’s commitment to improving performance at every level, through better understanding and analytics.

Coaches at Dutch hockey team Cartouche are relatively recent converts to performance analysis. But in the 2 years he’s been working with Nacsport it’s made enough of a difference to women’s coach and analyst Mees Soek, to convince him the software should be used by every team at the club.

“We’ve created a nice workflow, where we focus on 2 areas - data analysis and real-time video work,” says Soek, “Collecting data gives us the statistical information to understand things like ‘circle penetrations’, how they are created, where they originate (left, right or middle) and the outcome of each move.

Cartouche bijeenkomst meisjes 2 Copy

Finding key passages of play and learning from them

“Taking key passages of play, like corners or turnovers and analysing how they were caused or their outcomes, can reveal important areas for improvement. Occasionally we’ll use this data to speak directly with a player. More often we incorporate feedback into team sessions.

“It’s not always the case, but as a coaching team, we’ll often find the evidence provided by Nacsport supports our own thoughts on team performance”, says Mees.

Using Coach Station and the ability to tag live during matches, coaches at Cartouche have begun using video clips and in-game statistics to review tactics from the dugout.

“This has been especially useful for set pieces, or to analyse scoring opportunities and goals, allowing us to explain changes of strategy using video. If the coach wants to review a certain play or plays, I can share that data in real time, or prepare multiple clips and send them to the bench directly”, continues Soek.

Cartouche 1

Instant analysis, ready to present as soon as the final whistle blows

One benefit of this workflow is that analysis is ready to be presented immediately after a game. Coaches at Cartouche use the Sharimg platform to allow players and staff to instantly review any moment of the game at the click of a button.

With a strong commitment to incorporating analytics into their wider training schedule, youth teams at the club are now employing the same practices and workflow.

Coaches with some knowledge of video analysis use Nacsport Scout Plus, while less experienced staff or those just starting out, begin with Nacsport Basic Plus, in combination with the Tag&View.

Sharing a common goal has resulted in more meaningful analysis

At the beginning of every season, all coaching staff at Cartouche attend a Nacsport training session, where they discuss new updates and features, review their individual workflows and share ways of presenting data to players.

With a Nacsport enabled laptop, cameras and a Tag&View fitted iPad available for every match played on the club’s primary pitch, inexperienced coaches are encouraged to practice during every home game.

“Like everything, we learn how to do things better through practice. Over the years we have realised the potential of analysis. It’s had a very positive effect on the club and has been implemented at every level. I see my job now as supporting the coaches, helping them extract the best possible data and create more meaningful feedback for their players and the club”, concludes Soek.

If you'd like to learn how Nacsport could help your team perform better, why not take our software for a free 30-day test drive. Drop us an email and we'll help you get started. We're sure you'll notice the difference.

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