Enhanced Graphic Descriptors - It's time to get granular

By Enrico Caballero

10-December-2019 on News

6 minute read

In this short post we’re going to discuss a major new feature in Nacsport software - Enhanced Graphic Descriptors - show you how it works and talk about the different features you’ll find in various Nacsport packages.


Ever since we began offering sneak peeks and mentioning the new feature we’ve been receiving emails asking when it will be ready and just what it’s going to be capable of.


“What can I do with Enhanced Graphic Descriptors in Nacsport?”

“Which versions of Nacsport will this feature be available in?” 

Along with the release date of our next update, these are probably the two questions we’ve asked most frequently, since announcing Enhanced Graphic Descriptors were coming to Nacspot.


Well, to answer that last question first, the update has just been released.


Now, let’s talk about Enhanced Graphic Descriptors in a little more detail and discuss just what’s available to you in the different Nacsport programs.

By the way, we’ve also created 3 video tutorials to accompany this post, help you get the most out of the new tool and understand its huge potential a little better.


(Please note; all these videos were made using Nacsport Elite and some of the features shown may not be available in other versions)


VIDEO 1 – Creating graphic descriptors. In this video we explain how to create graphic descriptors within the button template.

VIDEO 2 – Graphic descriptors in the timeline. Learn the available tools for managing graphic descriptors in your Nacsport timeline.

VIDEO 3 – Heatmaps. In the final video you will learn how to create detailed heatmaps from your work. This is one of the most important features associated with the Enhanced Graphic Descriptors update.


How Enhanced Graphic Descriptions work with different Nacsport software


Nacsport Scout Plus

If you’re a Nacsport Scout Plus user the only limitations to using Enhanced Graphic Descriptors are in the timeline.


  • Setting up the feature in your button template you can use 2 of the 7 shapes available.
  • Show or hide any areas previously set up.
  • Point sizes can be modified easily.
  • Any image exported as a standalone .jpg file.


Nacsport Pro Plus


Pro Plus users share the same features as Scout Plus with some added functionality, including;


  • All 7 button shapes
  • Link Dots - Determine the direction, speed and distance a ball moves between consecutive points on the pitch.
  • Open the drawing tool to enhance your work with extra graphic effects (and KlipDraw if you use it).

Nacsport Elite


As a Nacsport Elite user, you’ll have full access to the features within our Enhanced Descriptors tool. Along with everything mentioned so far, plus;


  • Search bar - Very useful for filtering areas of the pitch and seeing exactly what happened where.
  • Heatmaps - Spot recurring actions or areas of a pitch where your team are at their strongest or most vulnerable. This feature is also very handy for marking areas where your team pass the most, shoot from or dominate possession.
  • Occupied surface area - See exactly where on the pitch the action took place. This is especially useful and will help you discover what areas your team are most competitive in...


Enhanced Graphic Descriptors are a real game-changer, delivering detailed data that reveals what’s really happening during a game - where your team performs best and where there is space for improvement.

It opens up a limitless source of information with the potential not just to win games, but also to improve teams in the long term, highlight weak spots and pinpoint where your players are at their most effective. 


No doubt you still have questions about this powerful new analytical tool and the impact it will have on your work. If you haven’t found an answer in the videos or tutorials we’ve provided, remember, we’re always here to help. Get in touch with us via our contact page or ask us directly on social media.

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