Nacsport teams up with Soccer Tracking Device PlayerMaker

By Enrico Caballero

21-October-2019 on News

2 minute read

Today we’re delighted to announce an important new partnership between Nacsport and the PlayerMaker athlete tracking system - a unique boot-mounted Bluetooth sensor that accurately measures athlete data.



Backed by former Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger; PlayerMaker tracks and analyses the physical, technical and biomechanical data of athletes, principally footballers. And because it sits discretely on a player’s boot, rather than their upper torso, the information it gathers is far more accurate than other athlete tracking systems.


Since our own launch - in 2005 - Nacsport’s commitment has always been to provide teams with the best solution for their analytical needs at an affordable price - regardless of level or budget - and to continually innovate the field of sports analysis.


It’s a goal we believe is shared by the team at PlayerMaker.


And just as Nacsport software is trusted by thousands of teams, clubs and colleges, playing more than 30 different sports in over 60 countries, we’re sure PlayerMaker soccer tracking wearables will become a major contributor to the discipline of performance analytics in soccer.


Our partnership with PlayerMaker takes our own contribution one step further, providing Nacsport analysts the ability to accurately measure individual players’ ‘external load’ - data including how far an athlete has run, how many times they touched the ball and the number of successful passes they complete.


For PlayerMaker users the advantages are equally impressive. Both softwares integrate seamlessly, meaning individual player stats can be incorporated into deeper, team performance-related reports covering multiple games - even entire seasons.



Whether you’re a Nacsport analyst looking to incorporate a more granular level of player data into your team reports, or an existing PlayerMaker user wanting a deeper understanding of collective performance and big data, we think you’ll find this partnership can offer your team a real edge.

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