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19-March-2019 on News

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The updates, improvements and innovation we’ve introduced over the last 12 months mean it’s never been easier to observe, record and analyze data to improve sporting performance. In this post we offer a brief overview of the key points in each of the last 3 Nacsport updates and bring you up to speed on what to expect from our software.

As our developers prepare for the first big update of 2019, we look back over the last 12 months, at what was an incredibly busy year for everyone at Nacsport. We welcomed more new colleagues to our offices in America and the Canary Islands, while the network of approved Nacsport resellers grew from 14 to 22 countries, taking objective performance analysis to every corner of the sporting planet.

Back home our devs were on top form. Following a genuinely groundbreaking year in 2017, we rolled out 3 major updates that saw 80+ new features, over 60 improvements and a couple of minor bug fixes.

Nacsport 3.6.0

After the integration of our own video sharing platform - Sharimg - to ease workflows and the release of a free app for iPhone/iPad, we introduced another brand new product to the Nacsport suite at the beginning of last year, CoachStation.

Again, focused on the sharing of information, CoachStation works as a plugin to your Nacsport license, making any licensed device capable of receiving video, registers and dashboards.

New features within the software centered around the user dashboard, adding elements including the ability to change multiple buttons with a single click, autoload play-by-play options and a handy Descriptors ‘search’ function.

Nacsport 3.7.0

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Core to the Nacsport philosophy of #AlwaysEvolving - and with our developers on a scoring streak - within a couple of months we released a second update of the year, adding another 63 upgrades and 35 new tools.

With Nacsport 3.6.0 we spent a lot of time looking at - and improving - features that distinguish the various products within the Nacsport range. With 3.7.0 focus returned to the shared functionality of the platform’s core.

As an analytical resource we continue to grow and develop alongside the coaches, scouts and teams using our products. As new standards become the norm, the best demand more. For users of Nacsport - at every level - that means easier ways to generate, use and achieve value from the data they generate.

As real-time data becomes increasingly important, giving users the ability to view the last 5 outcomes of an action proved incredibly popular with coaches.

From integration with the latest versions of KlipDraw, to new shortcuts for merging or duplicating lists, changing colors and zooming in or out, our goal with Nacsport 3.7.0 was to make using every part of a user’s sports performance analysis simpler and faster.

Nacsport 3.8.0

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With the working title of ‘Practical analysis for a better performance’, our 3rd update of the year took inspiration from the feedback and requests of Nacsport users.

Adding another 25 features, 8 extra functionalities and 2 new languages, our developers introduced innovative new ways of using graphics, including transparent images or logos, to give presentations a much more professional look.

With so many Nacsport users working in high-speed sporting environments, where subtle in-game observations or minute tactical changes can make all the difference, we rolled out new ways of customizing the XML import of databases, combining descriptors within the matrix and switching between external video sources.

So it’s never been simpler - or quicker - to generate, access and share meaningful sports performance data on the fly.


Ready to take Nacsport for a test drive?

Nacsport is already the choice of the world’s top sports teams. But if you’re still not convinced, why not download a free 30 day trial of our software and see for yourself?

Click here for unlimited performance data at your fingertips.


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