Harlequins across the ocean. The US rugby team flying the flag of its British cousin

By Nacsport

27-March-2019 on News

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Competing in the heart of DFW since 1971, the Dallas Harlequins are an officially recognised international affiliate of British club, the London Harlequins.In this post we grab 10 minutes with Carlton Danny, Attack Coach and Performance Analyst for the 'Quins and discuss his team's use of video analysis.

How did you hear about Nacsport?
Looking into performance analysis tools, for a club I was playing for and coaching back in 2015, I reached out to a friend at a Premiership Rugby club asking for his recommendation. He suggested Nacsport as a cost-effective, versatile and user-friendly option.

Why did you decide to start using Nacsport as your video analysis software?
As an MSc student in Sport Performance Analysis, the 1 year discounted student package obviously appealed and meant I could explore the functionality of the program, with minimal financial hit.

Once I realised what Nacsport was capable of and that it could deliver everything I was looking for in a PA product, I went ahead with a Lifetime License.

Who are the members of your staff using Nacsport and what are their roles inside your team? Does their work with differ from yours?
Currently, it’s just me, I’m the only member of staff responsible for performance analysis. But I work alongside our Director of Rugby, coordinating and organizing the clips and videos we present to the team.

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Have you had contact with the Nacsport team? How is that relationship?
We have an excellent relationship with both the company and their team on the ground. Arka has been incredibly supportive and is highly knowledgeable with the software, so he’s helped me with things like workflow - and ideas for my own analysis.

Since becoming a Lifetime license holder, I can refer to multiple conversations with Arka, some lasting in advance of an hour, picking his brain about ideas and common industry practices. He’s committed, dedicated and friendly, always accessible and ready to help.

I can't speak highly enough of this aspect of my Nacsport experience. Arka has empowered my own learning and capabilities with the software, allowing me to provide the best experience and value possible to our athletes.

What is your current workflow? Can you briefly explain how the video analysis process works at Quins?
Being an amateur organisation that caters for everyone, from complete newcomers through to ex-professionals, semi-pro players and coaches - our workflows are largely post-game tagging, statistical feedback and presentations.

We also create pre-game presentations and scouting reports on upcoming opponents. Additionally, we have created presentations and broader coaching sessions using footage from elite level matches. For us, Nacsport helps create meaningful footage for the wide variety of athletes and ambitions that we support.

Do you use drawings or any kind of graphics on your videos? Do you use our sister product, KlipDraw?
Yes - I don't have a KlipDraw license so only use the tools available within Nacsport. But I love using drawings as an aid - players really respond well to this too. Independently, I'd love to be in a position to use KlipDraw one day to create online material, breaking down footage from the Major League Rugby competition here in the US.

Explain how Nacsport helps you as a coach? Are your players engaged in the process, has it helped you become more effective or your team progress?
Nacsport has been an excellent addition to our development as a team and also in our individual player and coach development. Players are highly receptive not only to the footage and feedback the program offers, but also with the Nacsport brand. They know they have exactly the same resource as top teams performing at the very highest levels. 

As a coach the software helps me identify and generate reflections on any area of team performance. It’s a comprehensive program that gives me the flexibility to be creative in the analysis I generate meaning I can truly engage with players on a variety of levels.

Feedback and analysis from Nacsport plays a central role in our coaching and, more importantly, in the development and performance of the athletes working with us.  

To learn more about Nacsport, speak to one of the team or take our performance analysis software for a test drive, visit us at www.nacsport.us.

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