Tag&view: Nacsport's latest release

By Nacsport

12-June-2018 on News

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Tag&view is the latest Nacsport release and is already available for all our users. An app for iPad/iPhone devices to tag live while filming.
With the iPad/iPhone camera you will be able to film games, training sessions or any other event. Your template is shown in the screen and you can tap buttons while filming. You can also review actions without leaving the capture.

Tag&view allows you to save essential time in your workflows, as you will have both the footage and analysis ready at the end of the game, so you can export it to your Nacsport desktop license or in XML format available for other video analysis products (such as SportsCode).

If you want more information and features about this app, we recommend you visit our


. You can also download the



Where can I get this app?

Nacsport Tag&view can be downloaded for free on the


store with the following limitations:

• Import templates from another iPad/iPhone or the Nacsport software.
• Duplicate templates within the app.
• Only the first 15 registers can be exported to the Nacsport software or as an XML.

If you would like your program to be able to read any Tag&view data, please

contact us


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