Video Analysis in the Time of COVID

By Duncan Ritchie

21-August-2020 on News

10 minute read

The world has changed. It’s not just us saying that. Just open a newspaper, switch on a TV or read a website from anywhere in the world and you’ll hear about the “New Normal”.


And how will this affect the work of the video analyst? There’ll be huge changes, of course. At Nacsport, we’re in the eye of storm and every day we hear about how our clients are coping and adapting.


For that reason, we’ve created this list of recommendations and tricks to help you through these difficult times so you can continue to excel at your profession.


Use Your Time Wisely


Many of us have seen major interruptions to our sports with leagues and competitions suspended until further notice. It’s frustrating, we know. And the uncertainty of not knowing when we’ll be back in action can be worrying. But we have to turn this crisis into opportunity, every cloud has silver lining and this could be the perfect time for professional development.


We should use this time wisely, adapt our daily routines and take advantage of the spare hours to learn from others. We should take up the challenge and develop ideas that can be put into practice when we eventually return to normality. This enforced downtime provides the opportunity to observe other teams, their philosophies and play styles.


Platforms such as InStat, with whom we have a special deal, allowing Nacsport clients to contract their services at a reduced price, can provide us with almost unlimited football, basketball and hockey audiovisual and game data for you to work with. Other platforms such as Wyscout, Footers and many others can be found with a quick Google search.



Sports videos can be streamed directly from YouTube into Nacsport, allowing us to practice and hone our video analysis skills and, perhaps, experiment with new tools in the Nacsport arsenal that we haven’t utilised to their fullest.



Review and Rework


According to Darren Lewis, Head of Performance Analysis at Gloucester Rugby, analysis workflows should be reviewed and reworked constantly but the reality is that we often simply don’t have time to dig as deep as we’d like into our analysis work due to time restraints. Well, guess what…!



Use this time to create new button templates with different analysis parametres, rewatch old matches and get new insights that may have passed us by first time round.






Take respected football coach Marcelo Bielsa. It’s said that over the last 3 years he has watched more than 50,000 matches, an average of 4 games per day. No wonder he’s called “El Loco”. Now this may be an urban legend, but we’re sure there’s a grain of truth there and if he can do it without lockdown…what’s your excuse!?


Analyse and Analyse Again



This tip is similar to the previous one, but not exactly the same. It’s one thing to re-analyse matches using different parametres, but we’re talking about reviewing the analyses we’ve already done in case we missed some vital play or data on the day.


We’ve always had the tools in Nacsport to do this, now we have the time. Filter data with the Data Matrix, Dashboard and Search Tool to get deep level insights.


Individual Player Analysis


If sports nutrition has been specialised to the point of each player having their own menu and training regimes created specifically for individual players and their role within the team, then why not video analysis?


Prepare a video summary of the season for each individual player showing a compilation of situations that need to be improved, tactical aspects that we think should be polished or simply for positive reinforcement.


Use Nacsport to add covers, transition effects, photos, PowerPoint slides, text notes, music, audio notes and more.


Export these presentations to a single video and send them to players via email, WhatsApp or upload them privately to YouTube.



Follow up with an individual or group video conference or phone call to get feedback and we’re positive that everyone will appreciate your hard work. The growth of the player, and therefore the team, is practically assured.


Sharimg, the Analyst's Secret Weapon


How about sharing your work to the cloud? There are many possibilities for doing this but, in the case of Nacsport, there is a perfect cloud-based partner. It’s called and has been designed for exclusively sharing our video analysis work online quickly and efficiently.


This is especially true if you are a Nacsport user as the synergy between the two platforms is simply…awsome!


How does it work? The account manager has a storage space where they can upload videos and their corresponding Nacsport analyses, including Data Matrixes, Presentations and Dashboards. Both are then available for download by authorised users.


In addition, you can host individual or group chats, create surveys and, generally, have an online office space, improving remote working with your team.



Of course, there are other ways of doing this but the advantage of Sharimg is that it is 100% secure and fully integrable with Nacsport and, in fact, we can upload our work directly from the software. Just perfect!


Convert Work into Big Data


We’ve all heard of Big Data and Data Intelligence, right? Usually the preserve of the business world, it’s becoming an ever more popular phenomena in sporting circles, and not just in the realms of the professional.


Nacsport’s export options include the ability to create Excel spreadsheets that are in the correct format for use in data visualisation tools such as Power BI and Tableau.


There’s nothing difficult about this process, just time and patience needed. Click the picture below and we’ll explain exactly how you can how you can use these power analytical tools in the follow article:


How to Use Nacsport Data in Power BI


Feed Your Head


To finish, one of our biggest recommendations is that you take advantage of this time to the fullest. It’s not often in life that you’ll get such a prolonged period of downtime and now’s the time to improve yourself professionally by training.


We live in the Information Age and there are countless articles and video tutorials related to any subject you could wish for. Gorge on these and feed your mind.


There are also many courses out there, both free and paid, on a huge variety of subjects which can help your professional progression.


Obviously, we can’t miss this opportunity to recommend our own Official Nacsport Courses. We have Starter and Advanced Level courses in football (soccer), basketball and hockey which are 100% online and can be completed in a few short weeks. On successful completion, you’ll get an official certificate which proves you have the ability to manage our powerful video analysis program. You’ll also get a free 3-month Nacsport License or a discount if you are already a Nacsport user. Click the picture below for more info:


Official Nacsport Starter and Advanced Courses


What more could you want? Sign up below and make the best of this extraordinary, scary situation.


If you aren't already using Nacsport, you can a completely free, no obligation, 30-day trial of the software by clicking the link below, another good way to fill your time! We hope you all stay safe and well at this time. Thanks for reading!


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Are you enjoying this article?

Subscribe to our newsletter and receive a monthly compilation of articles, interviews and Nacsport tips for video analysis.

Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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