A Guide to Christmas Gifts for Video Analysts

By Duncan Ritchie

09-December-2020 on Tips

12 minute read

We know it’s been a difficult year for everyone, not least for those involved in the world of sport. With cancelled or postponed competitions and a huge degree of uncertainty all round, it’s been a tough old slog.


But wouldn’t it be great to end the year on a happy note?


And what better way to put a smile on someone’s face than with a gift that they really want?


If you are looking for a gift for an analyst, you’ll surely find something appropriate in this article. If you’re an analyst looking to drop a hint, why not share this article with a loved one!


So...this Christmas, let us do the legwork for you, let us be Santa’s little helpers, we know what you want and need! Here we have a selection of gift ideas, from modest stocking fillers to hugely generous investments.



Christmas gift guide 2020 - computer


A Classic Gift...A New Computer!


Obviously, this is not the cheapest gift on our list but, without a doubt, it’s probably the most essential and must-have tool for any video analyst. Without a decent computer, working processes will be slow, laborious and nigh on impossible in the modern world.


While there will always be those who remain faithful to the humble pencil and paper, the truth is that, in a world where digital is king, a computer will always trump more primitive tools and, therefore, will always be a great gift.


Yes, it is true that an analyst will most likely already have a computer for their analysis work, but there’s always a better one just over the horizon. More RAM, a better chipset, faster, more capable...as we said, nobody will ever be disappointed with this present.


So, which computer should you buy? Earlier this year, we published an article recommending five computers for video analysis work in 2020. Check it out here...


The 5 Best Laptop Computers for Sports Analysis in 2020


Christmas gift guide 2020 - video camera


Put the Video in “Video Analyst” with a Camera!


Yeah, we know! There are thousands of cameras on the market and many thousands more recommendations available from trusted sources, any of which would be a good option for the video analyst in your life.


Traditionally, we’ve shied away from recommending hardware such as cameras and computers, as we didn’t want to be accused of favouritism towards one brand or another, but this year, we decided to take the bull by the horns and end this self-censorship as we want to provide as much help to our users as possible.


To that end, we published this article on our blog with five cameras that we recommend for your analysis work. Any one of these represents a fantastic gift that we’re sure would be well received!


The 5 Best Video Cameras for Sports Analysis in 2020


Christmas gift guide 2020 - capture device


Something Different? How About a Video Capture Device?


Ok, ok...we admit it, the first two gifts on this list are not exactly original and, sure, you don’t need a specialist blog to tell you that a computer and video camera would make a great gift!


But we’re just getting started with the basics and, as you continue through this article, you’ll discover some more “top” ideas with which you can surprise a video analyst.


Which takes us to our third proposal...a video capture device!


So, what is it? Well, basically it’s a small device which goes between your video camera and computer and allows you to record images in real-time. This is essential for any analyst who wants to do real-time analysis with Nacsport and, thus, would be a great present to give.


Capture devices are also much cheaper than computers and cameras, if you’re looking for something which won’t cost an arm and a leg!


Again, we’ve got you covered when it comes to buying one of these devices. This article on our website gives you an idea of which capture devices work best with Nacsport.


A Guide to Nacsport Recommended Capture Devices

Check out our completely FREE ebook, The Nacsport Video Analysis Guide 2020, for even more ideas on computers, cameras and capture devices. Click on the link above to begin download.


Christmas gift guide 2020 - ipod ipad


iPad or iPhone + Tag&view


Here’s a combo gift which can easily be split into its constituent parts.


Nacsport Tag&view is our mobile app which allows an analyst to complete their analysis work without the need to carry cumbersome computers to stadiums and sports fields. 


Using their tablet or mobile phone, they can get a head start on their analysis whilst watching the game and record it with the device’s camera too! Tag&view can then be synchronised with Nacsport at home or the office, saving a lot of time and effort.


If the person you’re giving the gift to already owns an apple device, either an iPhone or iPad, you can concentrate your purchasing power on a yearly Nacsport Tag&view license.


If, on the other hand, they don’t have an Apple device, and if you are feeling supremely generous, why not buy them one too! 


Note: Tag&view is Apple only and is not yet available for Android.


You can get more info on Nacsport Tag&view by clicking the link below:


Information About Nacsport Tag&view


For the Love of Gadgets!


Everybody loves a gadget, right? Those little gifts that, whilst not exactly necessary, can make life easier and more comfortable. Useful gadgets for a video analyst could include wireless keyboards, camera tripods, a large hard drive and many more things.


Around a year ago, we published this article which proved to be very popular with our readers and, although the march of progress is relentless, all the ideas here are still very much relevant. Sure there may be newer models of some of the gadgets in the list, but their usefulness has not been diluted.


This may serve as inspiration for your video analysis gift:


8 Incredibly Useful Gadgets Every Sports Analyst Should Be Using 


Christmas gift guide 2020 - courses


The Gift of Education


If the analyst in your life is professionally restless and seeking constant evaluation and evolution, the idea of gifting a training course to aid them in their development may be a great one.


Earlier this year, we made a list of video analysis and scouting  courses being held during the last quarter of 2020. Many of them, such as the Official Nacsport Course, will continue into 2021.


In addition we promise to update this content soon and list more courses than ever in the first few weeks of the new year.

The Best Sports Video Analysis Courses for Football 2020


Christmas gift guide 2020 - upgrade


A Brand New Nacsport Program...or an Upgrade!


We’ve saved ourselves til last so that this article doesn’t read like a pure advertisement like many of the other “Gift List” posts you’ll likely read this year. Nevertheless, we consider ourselves to be a valid option as a great gift for any analyst or anyone interested in sports analysis.


If the person you’re buying the gift for doesn’t already use our program, what’re you waiting for? Purchase and download one of our programs right now! The perfect gift!


And if they are already a Nacsport user? Why not give the gift of an upgrade? That is, gift them a higher version of our software, opening up more tools and features for them to improve their analysis work!


An upgrade has the added bonus of not having to buy the software from scratch. Instead you’ll simply have to pay the difference in price between the current software used and the upgraded program.


If you’re interested in any of these options, let us help you make a decision with a couple of articles. Here we explain which program is right for you and what exactly an upgrade involves and how it’s done. 


If you still have questions, write to us at media@nacsport.com and we will guide and advise you with your purchase.


It’s got to be a better gift than socks or chocolate again, right?


Christmas gift guide 2020 - presents


Over to You! What Gift Would You Add to the List?


So there you have our list of great Christmas gifts for analysts everywhere. We could go on and give you a huge selection of possible presents, but we wanted to give you some concrete ideas that you can actually use!


It’s entirely possible that we’ve missed some great alternatives along the way or that we’ve simply forgotten to add something important to the list.


Either way, help us out. What video analysis gifts are you giving or hoping to receive this year? Let us know and we’ll add it to a future version of this article. That’s the great thing about blogging, it’s constantly evolving to help out other folks in the community! Contact us through any of our social media channels or through media@nacsport.com.


For a small pre-Christmas treat, why not take advantage of our FREE no-obligation trial. Try any Nacsport product for 30 days. Click the link below to get started.

In the meantime, we hope all your dreams come true this Christmas! Thanks for reading!



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