5 Benefits of Video Analysis in Sport

By Duncan Ritchie

31-July-2020 on Tips

10 minute read

Sports video analysis is everywhere in modern professional sport at the moment. Every major team has an analysis department and, in professional sport, coaches such as Marcelo Bielsa have embraced the philosophy of video analysis.


Analysts such as Victor Mañas under Unai Emery, or, in rugby, Darren Lewis at Gloucester Rugby, are proving over and over again how valuable their work is, informing strategy and, in general, helping their teams climb the rankings.


But what does all this mean to the lower leagues – the grassroots and semi-professional teams, the Sunday leaguers and youth teams? Is video analysis a viable option for them? Can sports video analysis be of benefit to these teams?


Well, we say “yes, definitely”!


Over the years, analysis software and hardware has come down in price and you can now get a computer, camera and a suite of analysis software such as Nacsport Basic or Basic+ for less than the price of kitting out a full team.


But what can video analysis bring to the table? Well, the benefits are myriad, check out the video below for a quick introduction to Nacsport and then let’s take a look at a few of the main ones.


1. Save Time and See the Difference 


Let’s imagine that you already use some kind of video analysis at your club, alongside some non-specialist timeline-based video editing software such as Adobe Premiere or iMovie. You record your games and then you go painstakingly through the whole video, editing as you go, to get maybe 10 minutes of footage you want to use from an entire game.


This process is effective. Every week, you show your players exactly what you want them to see. So why do you need Nacsport?


The answer is time.


With Nacsport, the process of editing a “highlights” video is simple. You create a button which corresponds to an action on the field, e.g. shot, set-piece or foul, and you then use this button to tag the action on the video.



You’ve now automatically created a clip for that action which can be watched back at any time by simply clicking on the register of that action in the timeline.



Video editing, therefore, turns from being painstaking to painless and you can create your highlights video while watching video playback in real-time. Depending on the level of software you have, you can even tag a match whilst watching it live and synch up the video feed later!


Of course, there are many other features of Nacsport which can save you time. The tags you make on the video will be automatically turned into raw and visual data which can be used for analysis purposes, giving you insights into your own teams strategies and that of your opponents.


You can export your data to Excel, where you can pore over and analyse it until your heart's content or you can import your Excel data to other tools such as Power BI in order to get a a complete visual overview of your data analysis. Can Premier or iMovie do that? Certainly not!



2. Improve Communication. Show Don't Tell


The majority of people in the world, an estimated 65% of us, are visual learners. We learn by watching. Effectively, this means that a coach can lecture a team for half an hour about the errors they are making on the pitch and 65% percent of those in the dressing simply won’t “get it”.


On the other hand, show a video clip of the same error and there will be an almost instantaneous light bulb moment. “Aha! That’s what we’re doing wrong”.


Add Nacsport’s video presentation tools to the mix, illustrating videos, adding text and audio notes and the ability to script and organise your video easily and quickly, and it becomes even clearer what you want to convey and, more importantly, how to fix the mistakes.



Dedicated sports analysis software like Nacsport will also help you create a visual Dashboard of statistics. Using the information from your tags, you can automatically create charts and graphs which give you at-a-glance statistical information.



3. Instant Feedback to Get the Edge During a Match


Ok, this one largely depends on the level of software you have, but from Nacsport Basic+, you can share live statistical Dashboards to the bench which are automatically updated when tagging a live match. This can allow coaches to see mistakes and errors they are making in order to change formations, etc. on the fly.



From Scout+ onwards, this gets even more impressive with the ability to share video clips for instant review of errors.


4. Objectivity Is the Key to Good Coaching


There’s always one, isn’t there? One player who doesn’t take criticism well and who will argue with the coach until he’s blue in the face. Well…you can’t argue with the objectivity of video.


Oh? You didn’t break formation and try and go solo for glory in the last 10 minutes of the match? Let’s just take a look this footage…


Oh? You weren’t distracted by your girlfriend pitch side which caused you to lose the man you were supposed to be marking, allowing him to break through and score the goal that knocked us out of the cup? Well, the video begs to differ…


Of course, video also helps you accentuate the positives as well. You can create an analysis database which objectively shows the progress you, as a team, are making, improving morale and proving effectiveness.



5. Power Over Your Opponent


It’s not just your own team that can be observed and analysed. Assuming you can get video footage, you can spy on the opposition and build effective counters to their own strategy.


You can see in which areas they are weak and exploit those weaknesses. On the flipside, see their strengths in order to fortify your defences. Exploitation is the name of the game here and Nacsport can give you the edge.


Sports Video Analysis is Effective, Don’t Get Left Behind


At the end of the day, if sports video analysis wasn’t effective, it wouldn’t be as widespread as it is in professional circles and now, this technology is available to anyone. The influence of video analysis is already seeping down to lower leagues, to the amateurs and dreamers. To the Sunday league players who long for cup success.


So, the question is: do you want to be an innovator, or do you want to be left behind?


See for yourself what Nacsport can offer you and your team. Start by downloading a FREE no-obligation trial of our software.


When you’ve done that, check out our playlist of comprehensive video tutorials on YouTube.


Alternatively, why not do a Nacsport Starter Course where we’ll teach you how to put the software to use and give you FREE 3-month license so you can really get stuck into this new discipline.


Whatever you decide to do, we’re here to help you. You can contact us on info@nacsport.com. Or you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Give us a shout, we’re always happy to hear from you and always available to help!


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Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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