8 More Nacsport Productivity Hacks You Need to Know

By Enrico Caballero

07-January-2020 on Tips

8 minute read

After the incredible success of our last hacking guide, we’ve answered your requests for more secret (and not so secret) Nacsport tips, with 8 more great ways to work smarter with Nacsport Basic or Basic+ software.


No messing. Let’s jump straight in with a really obvious one - and a real favourite of everyone here in the office...

Hack 1: ESC Key to Close Open Manual Categories


A simple trick that many users miss when they begin using Nacsport, then kick themselves later. As the name suggests, it involves using the ESC key on your keyboard to close manual categories.


Here’s an example...you're working with several manual categories open, registering the ball possession of two teams. During a rapid succession of passes, while registering the activity, you realise you forgot to click the manual category to deactivate it.

To cancel your error, simply hit the ESC button on your keyboard and all open manual categories will close, avoiding any errors in registration as described above.


Hack 2: Replace Names in the Template


Simple but very, very effective. 


As part of the button template, you have the option to quickly replace names in the template. This feature is especially handy when the only things changing about a template are the names of the teams or visitor categories.


For example. Let’s say our team is playing Liverpool this week. Our template is set up to record our opponent's activity - so contains categories including; ‘Liverpool Shots’, ‘Liverpool Corners’ etc.


The following week, our team will play Everton. Using this feature, the only thing that needs to be changed is the title, saving us the time and effort of starting over again from scratch. This video probably does a better job of explaining how the process works.



Hack 3: Resizing Templates


Rarely have we seen such a minor change receive so much love from Nacsport using analysts. Our last update included an option to resize the template, based on the proportional size of the existing buttons it contains.


Now, as any Nacsport veteran will tell you, in the past, making adjustments to a template could be a time-consuming and thankless task, especially if they contained a high number of buttons. 


Relatively simple tasks, like entering the Play by Play table, opening up a dashboard or even adjusting the template could easily result in buttons becoming hard to access or hidden completely off-screen.


Using the new tool, modifying the dimensions of your template is a whole lot easier and - as this video shows - will work platform-wide, making it easier to take your templates with you, as this video shows.



Hack 4: Gain Space by Hiding the Timeline 


When it comes to organising your timeline, here’s another space-saving trick...


Did you know you can easily hide and reveal the timeline, gaining space for working in other environments, like creating a presentation or enlarging the video player. Watch the video below to see how:



Hack 5: Select Multiple Registers Simultaneously and Add Them to a Presentation


Here’s another ‘under the radar’ hack that’s a big help when creating a new presentation.


When choosing which registers to send to your next presentation, whether a single category or multiple, simply select your chosen registers and, using the ‘3’ key, send them all to your presentation.


You can use the same technique when selecting complete categories and we’ve covered examples of both in the following short video.



Hack 6: Merge Different Game Videos


The merge video function is a handy tool for combining clips from the same game, especially when they have been shot from different angles.


So, perhaps you'd like an angle that favours your team in the first half of a match, and then a different view of the pitch for the second period.


Using the merge video options available in Nacsport makes it easy to collect all your clips of a single match, or many, into one complete recording. Take a look at this quick guide to see how it’s done.


Hack 7: Overlap Text in the Video


Want to view descriptors or supplemental notes over the top of a video? It’s never been easier following our last update.


Now, by simply pressing the ‘T’ key, or clicking a player’s name you will see an overlay featuring any descriptions or notes made. You’ll see the data, without having to pause your video.


If you plan on sharing videos with overlaid data, don’t forget to double-check that all your notes and descriptors are correct before exporting your work.

Hack 8:  Filtering Deeper with Data Labels


Nacsport’s dashboards look striking and allow you to easily visualise certain aspects of your analysis, but it doesn’t stop there. 


In addition to what Nacsport dashboards generate visually, they also acts as a filter when using data labels and can be used to filter multiple descriptors at the same time.


As this short video shows, by clicking on a created data label we can easily see all the registers produced with the configured conditions, making it possibly the most rigorous filtering tool in the program.



OK, so there you have it. Our second installment of insider hacks to help you analyse smarter when using two of Nacsport’s most popular entry-level tools. And if you’re not a Nacsport Basic or Basic+ user, be patient, we’re planning more of these hacking guides for every Nacsport product.


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Are you enjoying this article?

Subscribe to our newsletter and receive a monthly compilation of articles, interviews and Nacsport tips for video analysis.

Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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