Send Live Analysis to the Bench with Coach Station

By Duncan Ritchie

11-May-2021 on Tips

9 minute read

Have you ever wished that you could send images and data directly to the bench during a match in order to help them make decisions?


Well, this is exactly what Coach Station offers. Fully customisable videos and data relating to the action on the pitch sent straight to the people who matter in an instant.

What Is Coach Station?


In the fast paced world of sports, good decision making is vital...but more than that, quick decision making is essential. With Nacsport Coach Station, you can share live images directly to the coaching staff to help them make snap decisions.


Coach Station is one of our four peripheral programs, sitting alongside our Viewer, Tag&view and Remote apps. These peripherals are not analysis tools in their own right, but rather serve a specific purpose in support of our desktop programs (Basic, Basic+, Scout, Pro and Elite).


In the case of Coach Station, it allows you temporarily transform any Nacsport desktop license (excluding Basic) into a data receiving device with the data originating from any device with Nacsport Pro or Elite installed. 


How Does Coach Station Work? 


Coach Station is not a program per se. That is, it’s not possible to install it as a standalone on your computer. Instead, having a Coach Station license allows you to transform any other installed Nacsport program into a data receiving device.


coach station gloucester


For a specified period of time, this will allow you to send your analysis work from another computer with Pro or Elite installed over a network.


Again, any Nacsport program, with the exception of Nacsport Basic, can be converted to become a receiving device.


What Is the Difference Between Pro and Elite When Sending Data?


As we said, only Pro and Elite can be used as emitting devices...but do they do the same thing?


Well, no. Nacsport Pro only allows you to send video images over the network whilst Elite allows you to send both videos AND any analysis data that the analyst has already finished on the sending device. 


What Are the Advantages of Using Coach Station?


One of the big advantages of using Coach Station as opposed to other real-time analysis alternatives is having access to all the video from the sending device as soon as the two devices are connected.


This means that, not only will you be able to watch videos sent from the tower, but you’ll also be able to access information which has been adapted from the analysts work and tailored to your specific needs.


nacsport coach station at SC Cambur


With Elite, in addition to the video images you will also be able to access personlised Dashboards. As well as providing easy to read data visualisation and analytical intelligence, the Dashboard will also allow you to easily filter the enormous amounts of data generated during a match so that you only receive the info that really matters. And all of this while the game is still being played in front of you!


Nacsport GAA Dashboard


In addition to the Dashboard, Nacsport Elite also gives you access to the Data Matrix and all the analytical data held within it.


Without a shadow of doubt, Nacsport Coach Station is a high-impact tool for real-time analysis, providing the coaching staff with what they need when they need it. This tool is a spectacular complement which will take you to the very vanguard of analysis work and help your team reach higher levels.


What Is Coach Station Not?


As a data receiver, Coach Station is basically a read-only device allowing you to view what someone else has been working on.


You cannot collect data and do your own analysis with Coach Station. In fact you won’t be able to access the Button Template in order to register actions. Similarly, you will have no access to the Presentation environment.


At the end of the match, when Coach Station is no longer needed, the computer will revert back to the normal Nacsport license and you will then be able to do all of these things again.


How Are the Sender and Receiver Linked? 


First of all, there are some recommended minimum requirements for both devices when running Coach Station. We suggest that, if you’re interested in Coach Station, you first get in contact with our support team to check if your current setup is sufficient.


Having said that, data transmission occurs through a network which can be done over LAN cable, something which is comfortable and easy to set up if you’re playing at home, or through a wifi antenna, which is more common when playing away from home.


chris duncan using nacsport coach station


If you’re looking for a suitable antenna, we recommend the Ubiquiti NanoStation Loco M5, an antenna we’ve tested extensively and believe it provides great coverage for the end user.


Can I See Coach Station in Action?


Yep! Have a look at this video by Darren Lewis, consultant at Codex Analysis and ex-analyst at Gloucester Rugby. As you can see, he is holding Coach Station whilst it displays data received from the sending device high in the stands.



Another example from Uk rugby here in this video by Joe Burley of Ealing Trailfinders in which you can see the emitting device ready to send images and data in real-time to the bench below.



Leaving rugby and heading over to basketball, here’s another example of an analyst hard at work in the stands whilst his computer beams info down to the bench, brought to you by the Dutch Nation Basketball Team.



And finally, here’s Coach Station’s debut on live TV! The cameras picked up images of Coach Station being used by Argentinian 1st Division club, Godoy Cruz.


If you understand Spanish, ignore the commentators as they don’t really know what they’re talking about, but still, it’s cool to see our product there on the bench!



Is Coach Station Only Useful for Live Matches?


Well, live matches were what the product was developed for but it can also be used for any event which is recorded and requires constant consultation of data. Training session, for example, are a perfect example of this.


In the photo below, you can see Darren Lewis during a training session at Gloucester Rugby sharing images with a player through Coach Station installed on a Windows Surface tablet.


training session with coach station


Can I Try It?


You certainly can! Like all Nacsport products, we offer a free 30-day trial so you can take it for a test drive.


As this is a peripheral product which can only be used with Pro and Elite, the Nacsport sales team handles the trial period. Get in touch with them through the form on our website and  


Of course. Like any other Nacsport product, you have a free 30-day demo at your disposal. 


As it is a peripheral product, which operates if you already have a Pro Plus or Elite license, it is our commercial team who manages the trial period. 


Get in touch with us through the form on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Are you enjoying this article?

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Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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