Nacsport Dashboards: Everything You Need to Know

By Duncan Ritchie

29-November-2021 on Tips

17 minute read

Getting to know the Nacsport Dashboard is fundamental for any analyst as having the ability to turn your video tagging into dynamic visual data at the click of a button can give you and your team a huge advantage.


The Dashboard is one of the features of Nacsport that seems to capture people’s attention most, and we’re constantly being asked about it. We’ve written several blog posts on this subject in the past but, always seeking to improve our communication, we’ve decided to condense that knowledge into one handy article for easy digestion.


So, in this article, we’ll talk you through the various features of the Dashboard, tell you how to create them and give you some stunning examples of how far you can take your Dashboard design.


Without further ado, let’s get started…

Nacsport Dashboards are Easy to Create


The first thing we’d like to highlight here is how easy it is to create a Dashboard in Nacsport.


Basically, everything is done from the interface, where you can choose the style of your graphics, the colour and size. As some of you will know, this is a far cry from the likes of Sportscode where, as highlighted in this article, you have to know some rudimentary coding in order to create a dashboard.


At Nacsport, we pride ourselves in the ease of use of our program.


What Can Be Added to a Dashboard?


Well, there are three basic items that can be generated, although each of these have innumerable variations with different colours, sizes and formats being possible. These are:


nacsport dashboard millfield soccer


•    Charts and graphs. These are visual representations of your data and there are various different types of charts and graphs you can add including bar and pie charts and line graphs. There are also a few varieties of each of these including horizontal or vertical bars, half pies or 3D variations.

nacsport dashboard hurling 

•    Labels. These display your data alphanumerically. Again, there are three basic types of label: Data Labels relate to the amount of clicks you have made in any of your Categories or Descriptors, Time Labels show the playback or click time and Text Labels allow you to insert titles to order or explain your Dashboard.


nacsport dashboard pictures


•    Pictures. Pictures can be inserted into your Dashboard as background images or visual elements such as badges, logos or player photos.


As we said, with these three basic customisable elements, the possibilities are endless and, with a little practice and a lot of imagination, you can get some stunning looking functional Dashboards.


The Basics of Creating a Dashboard


It’s ridiculously easy to create your first Dashboard, although it will take time to master.


Here’s the basic Dashboard creation process:


•    Firstly, select new chart, picture or the type of label you want to create. You can do this from the upper menu or by right clicking on the Dashboard.

•    Secondly, link the data you want to display on your chart or label. You can link to Categories or Descriptors, or a combination of both from your Button Template (Note: If using Nacsport Basic, you can only display Categories due to limitations of the program at this level). Data can be displayed in numbers, percentages or time, these last two are very useful when it comes to calculating ball possession.

•    Thirdly, edit the appearance of your chart or label. Change the colour, font and parameters of the type of chart you want to display. When you’ve done all of these steps, click the tick to create the chart or label.

•    Lastly, position the chat or label on the Dashboard itself. Hold Alt + left mouse button and drag it into position. Hold Ctrl + left mouse button and drag to change the dimensions.



Live Dashboards Updated in Real Time


Nacsport’s Dashboard are dynamic and you will see them changing and evolving in real time as clicks and tags are made on your videos. This means that you don’t have to wait to the end to review them.


Dashboards can also be streamed in real time to to other computers, tablets and smartphones which are connected through a local network.



Note: Dashboards can be streamed to other devices using Basic+, Scout, Pro and Elite.


Advanced Dashboard Features


All of the above is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with Nacsport Dashboards and there are many more advanced analytical features held within this environment.


Let’s take a quick tour of a few of these:


Filtered Mode


nacsport dashboard filtered mode


Allows you to see all your clicks in one column or graph. Useful for comparing different groups of Categories and Descriptors as opposed to one-by-one.


Behave as Sum


Similar to filtered mode but, instead of using graphs and charts, this option can only be used in Data Labels.


Stacked Mode


nacsport dashboard stacked mode


This allows you to group different options into one column in a bar chart. Particularly useful for displaying percentages.


Value Relative to a Group



Allows you to group together common elements of your analysis such as defensive actions. This is extremely useful for comparing data from a specific button in your template with other similar elements. This option is available for both pie charts and Data Labels.


Alarms for Labels


This allows you to set an alarm on your labels which triggers when a certain value is reached. Up to three different alarms can be set per label. Useful for seeing when something in the match exceeds your expectations. 


For example, if you expect an opponent to get around 10 corners during a match, you can set an alarm to trigger if this number is exceeded. This can be a warning that there are gaps in defense, for example.


Note: Only available in Scout, Pro and Elite.


Apply Calculations



Apply a formula to your labels in order to show total values according to different buttons in your template. For example, in basketball when you have 2 and 3 point shots, you can set this formula to a label to get the true score in one label. Allows you to add, subract, divide and multiply.


Note: Only available in Elite.


Variable Labels



Allows you to apply the parameters of a label to different buttons in your template. Useful for getting info on different players in a game without having to create a new label for each one.


Note: Only available in Elite.


Multiple Analysis Dashboard



You can add data from multiple analyses with Nacsport Elite.


For more information on all of these features, we recommend checking out this article.


Some Practical Examples


Let’s look at some practical examples of how Dashboards can be used effectively.


Calculating Possession



This article will show you how to use Nacsport to create a Button Template and corresponding Dashboard in order to measure how much possession each team has seen in any one game.


This is a basic function of Nacsport, but effectively demonstrates how Dashboards can be used to display percentages in a game.


Analyse Action in Different Areas of the Field


nacsport dashboard field analysis


Let’s move on to a more advanced application of Dashboards. 


This article will show you how to analyse what happens in different areas of a pitch or court and display the info on the Dashboard. This example used a real life example of a football match between Real Madrid and Valencia FC.


Please feel free to copy or steal any of the ideas you see in either of these tutorials!


Talking About Copying…!


There’s nothing like ripping off someone else’s work!


In this section we’d like to give you a few examples of what we’d consider to be amazing Dashboards, either because they look great or because they are fantastically functional. Yep, feel free to take some “inspiration” from this section.


To see a full list of our Top 10 Nacsport Dashboards, check out this article.


The Superlative Dashboards of GAA


For those that don’t know, GAA stands for the Gaelic Athletic Association and is a catch-all term for Irish sport, including gaelic football and hurling.


Now, we don’t know what they’re putting in the water over there on the Emerald Isle, but we want some. The Dashboards they are producing, many times in association with our UK and Ireland distributors, AnalysisPro, are functional, complete and beautiful to look at.


Nacsport Dashboards: Everything You Need to Know


Speaking about AnalysisPro, they are currently offering a FREE GAA template to anyone who wants it, email them at to get it.


analysispro free dashboard


Charts and Labels in Harmony


This example by Dutch hockey club Cartouche is a perfect example of how charts and labels can sit together in perfect harmony.


nacsport dashboard hockey


It’s Just Not Cricket!


We love this great looking Dashboard from Millfield School which shows the functionalities for bat and ball sports such as cricket.


nacsport dashboard cricket


Nacsport Dashboards

inspiring ideas for Dashboards

Other Dashboard Resources


So, as you can see, the Nacsport Dashboard is an extremely powerful environment which gives you a visual representation of your data and can be created very easily when compared to other video analysis programs we could mention (and have mentioned!).


But are there any other resources to help you when creating Dashboards?


Of course there is. Here's a few:


Nacsport on YouTube



Check out our YouTube channel where you will find many tutorials on Dashboard creation.


Nacsport Courses


To learn much more about Nacsport Dashboards we always recommend doing one of our Official Courses. At the moment, Starter and Advanced courses are available for a variety of different sports such as football, basketball and hockey.


Sign up today and you'll get a free 3-month Nacsport license (Basic+ for Starters and Scout for Advanced) or, if you are already a Nacsport user, you'll get a discount on the price of the course.


Click the link below to sign up for the course now.


nacsport dashboard courses



Third Party Tutorials


The aforementioned AnalysisPro have a fantastic YouTube channel and Webinar channel with many great Dashboard tutorials such as this:



Nacsport Social Media


Join us on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin where we regularly post pics of inspiring Dashboards sent to us by our amazing community of analysts. We’re also on Telegram where we tend to post higher level content for experienced analysts.


If you have any questions about anything in this article, get in touch. We’re always happy to help. Thanks for reading!

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Are you enjoying this article?

Subscribe to our newsletter and receive a monthly compilation of articles, interviews and Nacsport tips for video analysis.

Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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