Getting Started with Nacsport Hub Live

By Duncan Ritchie

04-October-2023 on News

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We’d like to introduce you to a tool which every analyst, coach and club needs - Nacsport Hub Live.


Hub Live provides a live feed of decisive game data for coaches, allowing them to improve decision making and adjust team strategy accordingly. This tool is guaranteed to make a huge impact on your team’s performance.


Read on for more info…

Hub Live is available from version 1.1 of Nacsport Hub and 9.2.0 of Nacsport and allows analysts to send game clips, data, dashboards and drawings from one or more computers (both Windows and MacOS are supported) to a live Nacsport Hub account for live review and analysis.


The process is simple - you link one or more computers to a Hub account via the Nacsport desktop app and send live clips, game data, dashboards and images with drawings to Hub, where it can be accessed by anyone who has been invited to take part in the session.


Invited users can access the information via any web browser or the dedicated mobile app and view it via the intuitive Hub interface.


You decide exactly what you want to send and who can access it, maximising your impact on the game.



Requirements for Using Hub Live


In order to use Hub Live, you must have:


•    Nacsport Scout, Pro or Elite on either Windows or MacOS

•    A Nacsport Hub H40 account or higher.


Of course, a stable internet connection is essential for uploading your game videos and data, and a wired connection is recommended.


You can check out more info about minimum and recommended requirements for running Nacsport, as well as see a list of compatible capture devices, on our website.


If you need more advice, please feel free to contact our team of experts, who will be happy to answer your questions.



How Hub Live Works


We’ll now explain exactly how to use Hub Live. You can also check out this video tutorial that we’ve prepared just for you.




Open Tag Live Video and Create a Live Session


In the main menu of Nacsport, click Tag Live Video and follow the usual steps for starting this type of analysis.


Nacsport main menu


Once the control window opens, click the Hub Live icon to begin the live session.


At the moment, only one icon in this section is active, the others will become available once you have logged in to your Hub account.


nacsport live video capture



Login to Nacsport Hub


Log in with your Nacsport Hub username and password and select in which account or subaccount you are going to create the live session.


nacsport hub log in


At this point, you must also select the refresh rate of the Live page and name the session.


Now, select the users who you want to invite to view this Live session.


Remember, you can only select users who have a profile in the account you have selected. Selected users can be both administrators or standard users.



Start Tagging Live and Send Clips to Hub


Start your live video capture and tag the game as you normally would.


Once you’ve tagged one or more clips that you want to upload to Hub, select them and click the second icon in the Hub Live section of the control window toolbar.


The process of uploading the clips will now begin. A new column appears in the control window showing the status of the upload. When clips have finished uploading and are available in Hub, the status bar will turn green and display “Done”.


upload from nacsport to hub live


These are the basic steps for sending clips to Hub Live, but there are a couple of other options you should be aware of.



Upload Exported Clips to Nacsport Hub Live


This option allows you to send quick clip exports directly to Nacsport Hub Live. If you don’t know what we mean by quick clip exports, take a look at this video:



Activate this option by clicking on the settings menu in the control window and activating the option Upload Exported Clips to Nacsport Hub Live


hub live settings


Once active, you just have to click on the quick export icon and, in addition to being saved on your desktop, these clips will also be sent to Hub.



Export Clip Behaviour in Tagging Window


You can assign a behaviour to one category and one descriptor which will send the clip directly to Hub when they are clicked.


To do this, activate the Export Clip option in the behaviour tab of the button.


nacsport hub live export clip


You must also have the Upload Exported Clips to Nacsport Hub Live option that we mentioned in the previous section active.


Now, every time you click on this button, the clip will be both exported to your hard drive and uploaded to Hub.



Add Other Administrators to Live Session


Hub Live was born out of the necessity of improving team communication and allowing different members of staff to interact during an analysis.


All administrators invited to a live session will be able to connect via Nacsport and contribute to the tagging.


In fact, by having two computers capturing the game, you can have two different videos added to the same session.



Send Dashboards to Hub Live


In addition to tagged clips, you can also send your dashboards to a Hub Live session.


Open the dashboard you want to send and, from here, there are two ways to send it:


•    Manual Upload. Click the third icon on the Hub Live section of the control window to manually upload the dashboard. Every time you click here, a new screenshot of the dashboard will be uploaded.


dashboards in hub live


•    Auto Upload. From the main menu of Nacsport, go to the Configuration menu and click on Capture. Activate the Upload Open Dashboard option and choose how often you want to update the image.


auto upload dashboards hub live



Send Images / Drawings to Hub Live (Available in Pro and Elite Only)


Along with clips and dashboards, you can also send frames with added drawings to Hub Live.


To do this, go to the Drawings menu (with KlipDraw) by double clicking on the play icon next to the clip in the control window and, once completed, click on the Upload icon to upload the image to Hub.


In the list in the Live session, drawings will appear in the same way as your clips with the name “DRAWING”.



send drawings to nacsport hub live



Cancel Upload


The last icon in the Hub Live toolbar, shaped like a cloud with a cross inside it, is used to cancel any pending uploads.


cancel upload hub live



Join Session in Hub Live


You can go directly to Hub to check the status of your live session by clicking on the third icon in the Hub Live section of the control window. When Hub opens, a pop up message will open inviting you to join the Live session. Accept to join.


Alternatively, you can click on the red Live button that appears in the Hub tool bar to go directly to an open Live session.


nacsport hub live session


Options in a Hub Live Session


The interface is very similar to other sections of the platform, but there are some slight differences.


On the left, you can find information about the session, alongside the video player, notes and associated descriptors.


There’s also an option for manually refreshing the page alongside a countdown to the next automatic update.


On the right, there’s a list of clips which have been uploaded from Nacsport. At the top, you can see a list of people who have been invited to the Live session and some options for filtering your clips.

Accessing Hub Live Through the Hub App


You can access a Live session through the Hub app (available on Google Play and the App Store). The process is basically identical to accessing it through the web browser.


Hub app live



Editing Clips


Any change you make to your clips in Nacsport will NOT be reflected in those already uploaded to Hub. If you add or remove descriptors in Nacsport, you must reupload the clip in order for it to be reflected correctly in Hub.


On the other hand, if you delete a clip entirely from Nacsport, this WILL be reflected in Nacsport and the clip will soon disappear from the platform.



End Live Session


A Live session can be ended from both Nacsport and from Hub.


In Nacsport, click on the first icon, the same one you used to open the session earlier. This opens a window with three options.


•    End Session. Only the administrator who created the session can end it. Clicking here means that no more clips or data can be uploaded to this session.
•    Exit. Leaves the session but does not end it.
•    Cancel. Cancel and continue working.


In Hub, click End Live Session. If you created the session, the session will be closed, if you are a guest, you will simply exit the session.



After a Live Session Has Ended


Once the Live session has ended, it will be saved in Nacsport Hub as a presentation, which can be accessed from the corresponding section of the platform.


Presentations created from live sessions will have lists of clips divided by the administrator who uploaded them.


You can filter your clips by category in the drop down menu at the top.



How to Update Nacsport and Hub





Before updating Nacsport, please ensure that your computer meets the minimum or recommended requirements for installing and running Nacsport correctly. This information is especially important on Mac computers.





Nacsport Hub


You don’t have to do anything as the process will be carried out on our side. The next time you access the platform, this tool will be available.





A) With automatic updates enabled


The next time you open Nacsport, an Update Available message will appear. Download, install and…that’s it.


B) With Automatic Updates Disabled


On the main Nacsport menu, click Support and Licence and then Check for Updates. Download, install, and you’re good to go.


If you have any questions about this update or need help in any way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team, who’ll be glad to help you out. 


If you’re not yet a Nacsport user, why not download a FREE 30-day trial and try it for yourself? Click here to get started.


Thanks for reading.

free trial

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Are you enjoying this article?

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Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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