Renewing Your Nacsport

By Duncan Ritchie

07-December-2022 on Tips

7 minute read

Whether it’s time for you to update your Nacsport Support and Update Service, or whether it’s time to make the next payment towards payment of your license, this blog is for you. 


What is the payment process? How do you update the program? What steps do you have to follow?


We’ll answer all of these questions and more here…

What Do We Mean by Renewal?


There are two scenarios that we consider to be renewals:


1. The renewal of a license paid in installments. If you are paying for your license in yearly installments, it must be renewed annually until the final payment is received. After this, the license is yours to own, although you may want to move to the next scenario…


2. The renewal of the Support and Update Service (SUS). If you own your Nacsport license outright, you may want to consider paying for SUS. This service allows you access to technical support of any kind at any time. In addition, you will have access to all the latest updates to Nacsport meaning that you will always have the most up-to-date version of Nacsport without having to pay the full price again. This is a non-mandatory payment, but absolutely recommended.


*Please Note: We do not consider annual subscriptions to be “renewals” as the license naturally has a limit of one year and SUS included in the subscription. As such, the information in this article does not apply to subscriptions.



What Is Your Renewal Date?


Unless you’re supremely organised, it’s likely that you’ve forgotten the exact date when you need to renew. But don’t worry. Simply open Nacsport and, from the main menu click Support / Updates followed by Registration and Activation of License.


In the window that opens you can see how many days remain until your next payment in the Support / Updates field. 


nacsport renewal

In addition, you will also receive an email from us five days before the expiration date to give you a little reminder.


What Happens If I Don't Renew on Time?


If you’re paying for your license in installments and the expiration date is reached and breached, you simply won’t be able to open and use Nacsport.


Until the next payment is made and you obtain a new license number, the software will be blocked.


If, on the other hand, your SUS has expired, you will be able to continue using the software, as you own the license. If you have automatic updates enabled, a pop-up will appear reminding you that your SUS is out of date.

nacsport renewal pop up


If automatic updates are disabled, no such message will appear.


*Please Note: SUS is not a mandatory payment, but you need to be up-to-date with these payments in order to receive support and have the latest version of the software. If you want to renew a lapsed SUS subscription, a surcharge will apply, which corresponds to the time since your last renewal.



How Is a License or SUS Renewed?


In either case, please contact our sales team through our website.


They will reply as soon as possible, telling you the amount to be paid in your particular case (version of the software, number of licenses, time since expiration, possible surcharges, etc.).


If you are renewing your license in installments, you will be provided with a new license number once the corresponding payment has been received.


When renewing SUS, we will update our system to show that payment has been received and you will be able to utilise the service. The license number will remain the same.




How to Update or Renew the Software?


In both cases, you will need to be connected to the internet during this process.


In the case of a new installment license, you simply have to activate the new license that you have been provided with. The video below will explain how this is done:



If you have renewed your SUS, it will depend on whether or not you have automatic updates active.


When active, the software will update to the latest version automatically.


Otherwise, you must do this process manually. In the main menu, click Support / Updates followed by Check for Updates.





What If You Don’t Have Nacsport Installed?


If you use Nacsport Basic, Basic+ or Scout, you can download them directly from our website.


If you use Nacsport Pro or Elite, you must request a download link from our team. 


Download and install the software and, once done, you can activate your license. 



Finally, we recommend activating automatic updates so that you always have the most up-to-date version of the software.


Check out this video to see how it’s done:





Any More Questions?


If you’ve read through all of this information and still have unresolved questions, get in contact with us through our website. We’ll be happy to help.


Until then…


Thanks for reading.


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Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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