How to set up Nacsport on your Mac computer

By Enrico Caballero

06-September-2019 on Tips

4 minute read

As a Mac user, you may have mistakenly thought that it’s not possible to run Nacsport video analysis software on your computer.


Although it’s not a native Apple software, Mac users have no problem running our software on their machines.

Here are the 2 best options:


1. Boot Camp

Probably the easiest and best-known way of running any Windows program on Apple computers is BootCamp, a built-in utility that comes pre-installed on most Macs.


BootCamp allows users to load up a working copy of Windows 10 and then configures any Windows software you want to run.


The only thing you need to remember when using BaseCamp is to keep your cloned copy of Windows up to date - as you won’t be receiving those annoying emails from Microsoft offering an automatic update.


Find more information about Boot Camp in the following link:



2. Emulation software 

The other way to run Nacsport (or any Windows software) on your Apple Mac is to use something called ‘emulation’ software.


As the name implies, emulators enable one computer operating system to behave like another - in this case for the MAC OS to ‘emulate’ the latest version of Windows.


There are no shortage of emulation utilities out there, but in our experience working with Nacsport using analysts over the last 15 years, these two are by far the most stable and easy to work with;



  • Parallels: 

Simple set up, straightforward and logical interface and exceptionally stable, Parallels has the advantage that it plays very well with Apple’s built-in software for Windows software - BootCamp.

Launch or access Nacsport direct from your Mac Dock or remotely with the latest version of Parallels and manage your Windows programs with dozens of one-touch tools which replicate native Microsoft behaviour - so your Mac will even behave like a Windows machine.


  • Virtual Box:

Another reliable and very stable option. If you like free, then Virtual Box - an open-source virtualisation tool owned by Sun Systems is for you.

Well maintained, by an active community of developers, Virtual Box supports many different operating systems beyond Windows and - as Gamers report a noticeable improvement over regular Mac graphics - it’s probably our favourite emulation software for Nacsport.


Other Emulation tools

While we can’t vouch for the following, we’ve also heard good reports on VMWare Fusion emulation tool.


If you have any questions about this running your performance analysis software on a Mac, please do feel free to contact our support team by email or via our Twitter account.

And don’t forget, for a truly mobile analytical solution Nacsport’s Tag&View app has been developed specifically for Apple’s iPad and iPhone.


Try Tag&View free for 1 month by clicking here.

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