7 Ways to Search for and Filter Your Clips in Nacsport

By Duncan Ritchie

14-June-2022 on Tips

12 minute read

One of the most important phases in the Nacsport workflow is the process of searching, analysing and filtering clips in order to prepare a final report or presentation. 


It can often seem a bit daunting when you’ve tagged one or more games and you’re left with hundreds of video clips to sort through. Where do you start? How do you get to the information which is really relevant to you and your team?


Well, don’t worry, we all have the same feeling from time to time. And remember, help is at hand. Nacsport has a handful of ways to search through and filter your video clips so you can get right down to the grain of your analysis work. 


In this article, we’ll take a look at all seven of them. So, let’s get started…

Data Matrix

[Available in Basic+, Scout, Pro and Elite]


We’re starting with this tool as it’s one of the most commonly used for searching and filtering clips due to its simplicity and versatility. The data matrix shows you, at a glance, the relationship between the categories and descriptors in your analysis.


This is represented in a grid where categories are in rows and descriptors are in columns. The intersecting point of each shows where that category is present containing that descriptor. 


The numerical value in the cell represents the number of clips that contain both. Clicking on the number will play all the relevant clips and, from here, you can choose which ones to send to your presentation.



Multiple Matrix

[Available in Scout, Pro and Elite]


The multiple matrix is an evolved version of the data matrix. It allows you to view the data and clips from an unlimited number of game videos. It works in exactly the same way as the basic data matrix, but with a lot more data.



Dynamic Matrix (Search by Time)

[Available in Scout, Pro and Elite]


Imagine you need to find out what happened during a specific period of a game. Your first thought might be to go through the analysis category by category, taking note of the times. But there is a much easier and quicker way to search by time with Nacsport…the dynamic matrix.


The dynamic matrix basically allows you to specify a time period and show only the clips that have been tagged during that period. Absolutely simple, but supremely useful.



Custom Matrix 

[Available in Pro and Elite] 


The custom matrix is ​​another variant of the basic data matrix and is reserved for the top two products in our range, Pro and Elite. But what is it exactly?


Well, as the name suggests, it allows you to create a data matrix which is exactly customised to your needs. You choose the categories and descriptors you want to see, hiding the rest. Again, this is a useful tool, designed specifically to save you time and make the analysis process easier. 




[Available in Pro and Elite]


The submatrix allows you to break down another matrix, creating an entirely new one in the process. With this tool, you can relate descriptors to a specific category.


This is an interesting tool which can help you obtain a much greater level of depth and access much more specific information. 



Combine Descriptors in the Matrix

[Available in Elite]


As we have already said, the data matrix allows you to see where a category and descriptor intersect. But what if you want to see where two descriptors intersect with a category? Then you need to combine your descriptors into one column.


And, if you are an Elite user, this is exactly what this tool does. Combine two or more descriptors and create a brand new column in the data matrix. Again, extremely useful and time saving.



If you want to delve deeper into the data matrix and its variants, we recommend having a read of this blog, where we explain everything in more detail, or check the video above for an overview of each of the different tools.


Clip Search

[Available on Pro and Elite]


This tool is a professional analyst's best friend due to its ease of use and enormous potential. With amazing simplicity, you’ll be able to find clips stored in your analysis by using filters which include or exclude descriptors.


Nacsport Pro users can search for clips from one analysis, while Elite users can search through an unlimited number. In other words, you’ll be able to find clips that meet certain conditions, by including or excluding descriptors, across a multitude of videos.


For example,by searching “freekick (AND) left wing (AND) first half (NOT) player 7”, the clip search will return, in Elite, every clip from throughout the season and separated by game, in which there was a free kick from the left wing during the first half of the game which player 7 was not involved in. As you can see, this allows you to get extremely specific in your search. In Pro, the search is restricted to one match.


With just a couple of clicks, you can then send these clips to a presentation. 


Search For Clips


Notes and Descriptor Search

[Available in Pro and Elite]


This tool allows you to find clips within your analysis which include a specific text note or a specific descriptor. You can search by word or even part of this word.


You can also simply show all the clips which contain notes or audio notes, without the need for searching by a specific word.


Notes or Descriptor Search




[Available in Basic, Basic+, Scout, Pro and Elite]


Nacsport Dashboards


Dashboards allow users to visualise their collected data as graphs, charts and text labels. The Nacsport dashboard works in a similar manner to other data visualisation tools which are available on the market. Data is fed into the software and it automatically represents it visually.


However, Nacsport’s dashboards offer an important advantage over other tools in that they are interactive. This means that clicking on a section of a chart or label will open the video player to show the corresponding video clips.


In other words, they don’t only act as a visualisation tool, but also as a searching and filtering tool. As always, when the video player opens, you can select several clips and send them directly to a presentation.


If you want to find out more about dashboards and the many options held within, we recommend having a read of this blog. It’s important to note that some dashboard features are only available with higher versions of Nacsport.



Graphic Descriptors in the Timeline

[Available in Scout, Pro and Elite]


Graphic descriptors allow you to mark the position an action takes place on a graphic representation of the field of play. Having this information allows you to search and filter your clips by position.


In the timeline, you can open a graphic descriptor to perform various tasks such as discovering the trajectory of move, finding out distance travelled and speed (if you have the correct field measurements) and creating heatmaps.


By combining graphic descriptors with the data matrix, the level of filtering is infinitely higher. By selecting a combination of categories and descriptors in the matrix, the graphic descriptor will show the exact place on the field where this action happened.



Player Connections 

[Available on Pro and Elite]


Do you want to search for clips in which a specified series of players have participated? Do you want to see the result of these combinations? Nacsport has a specific tool for this task. Player Connections. It’s another powerful search tool that Nacsport puts at your disposal. 


Read this blog for more information on how it works and how to get the most out of it. 



Category Frequency Charts 

[Available on Pro and Elite]


If we had to summarise what this tool is in just a few words, we would say that it is a visual representation of the frequency in which two or more categories appear during an analysis or a specific period.


This tool also serves to search and filter your clips, as clicking on the peak of any chart will open the video player and play them. Get more information on this tool in this blog.


Frequency Chart Nacsport




So, as you can see, Nacsport has many ways to search and filter your clips. Before we finish, here’s a quick summary of what we talked about:


•    There are several ways to search and filter your clips.
•    The data matrix itself has a wide variety of variants with differing options.
•    Some tools have other features and are not exclusively for searching and filtering.
•    The tools available to you depend on the product that you are using.


If you have any questions about anything you have read in this article, remember, you can get in touch with us at any time through our website or any of our social media channels.


Thanks for reading!


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Are you enjoying this article?

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Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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