7 Football Websites Every Analyst Should Know

By Duncan Ritchie

01-April-2021 on Tips

8 minute read

Transfermarkt, Soccerway, InStat…


These names are probably familiar to you and they are just three of the big names that we’ve included in this list of online sites that every football analyst should know about for finding information about teams, games and players.


In this list, we’ve included the tools that, according to our experience and years in the sector, are most used by soccer analysts. We’ve included five free websites and two paid-for sites. All of them contain useful info about football and they’re all worth checking out.


Obviously, the paid-for platforms offer deeper information and this will depend on your budget and the level you are analysing at. But we have to cover all the bases!


Let’s get on with it...





According to our sources, the German website Transfermarkt is the most visited site by the global community of football analysts. It’s translated into nine languages and offers information about hundreds of competitions, teams and players from all around the world.


In addition to all the up-to-the-minute information you can access for free, we’d like to highlight two features that we really like. 


Firstly, there is the Latest Transfers section of the site which shows all the daily transfer news.


Secondly, there is the Market Values section, which gives an estimate of a players worth, amongst much more data.


An invaluable resource.






Soccerway is another free site which is popular with football analysts. According to this website, it offers data on more than a thousand different competitions and leagues from 134  different countries, which makes it the largest football database in the world today. 


Translated into 17 different languages, what we like most about Soccerway is the simplicity of its organisation and data structure, which allows you to access practically any data in a remarkably intuitive manner.






Besoccer is fairly similar to the previous two websites in that it provides a lot of information on competitions, matches and players which are easy and free to access.


One thing in particular that we like about this platform is that it puts the latest news front and centre with big displays and informative articles. This makes it easier to find qualitative information for your analysis work.





What can we say about InStat that we haven’t already said in this blog? We love InStat!


Oh, and in case you didn’t know, we have a special agreement with this platform that gives users of Nacsport a discount on the InStat service and vice versa.


The data downloaded from InStat is fully compatible with Nacsport and importing and filtering it is an easy process, allowing you to take your video analysis to the next level.



InStat offers a huge amount of information about competitions, teams, matches and players. This data runs much deeper than the previous websites we’ve looked at, especially because, apart from a huge database of information on what happened in the matches, video footage of almost every match is available to download.


Obviously, given the amount of data they make available, this is a paid-for site but, if your budget can stretch this far, it’s well worth the money and definitely makes an analyst’s life easier. 


Check out their website for info on the various data packages they offer.





Wyscout is one of the alternatives to InStat on the market. Although it doesn’t have specific compatibility with Nacsport, you can still import its XML files, as you can see in this video.






Ok, let’s return to the free tools with another of the world’s great sports databases. On Sofascore, you not only find football data but also information for many other sports.


Something we’d like to highlight about this platform is the switch that allows you to show the match odds from one of the world’s biggest turf accounts. The odds shown by this bookmaker can provide real-time data about predictions for the match and the perceived status of each team. And interesting extra.






Another site which offers a plethora of information, including games, previews, predictions and much more.


If we had to highlight something about WhoScored, it would be the specific section dedicated to statistics, especially for international and top-flight football.


Know Any Others? Tell Us! 


This list has been made using information that we get from users on a daily basis alongside our years of experience in the industry. However, we don’t pretend to know everything and wouldn’t want to claim this as being a definitive list...yet!


We’d like to continue expanding this article to encompass all the online data sources used by analysts everywhere. To that end, it would be fantastic if you could get in touch with us through social media and let us know which ones you use and that we’ve missed. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Telegram.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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