“Understanding the game is the essence of video analysis”

By Nacsport

05-June-2018 on Tips

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Víctor Mañas is one of the performance analysts of Spanish coach Unai Emery. He has given an exclusive interview for our blog made during the VI Nacsport Networking workshop, which was celebrated in Madrid on May 22ndwith a great representation of the analysts in the Spanish & French top football leagues.
During his extensive professional career, Victor Mañas has been head coach, assistant coach or physical trainer, but he has specialized as video analyst in recent seasons, since he was in UD Almería, but also in Sevilla FC and Paris Saint Germain. Next season he will be one of the performance analysts in Premier League’s Arsenal FC, together with boss Unai Emery. 

“Analysts are at risk to turn into technocrats”

During the interview, the Gunners’ new performance analyst talks about some of the most interesting debates within the current scenario in football performance analysis. Mañas has been proven by his wide experience acquired these years in top European competitions.

“Being part of the coaching staff is the ideal scenario”

Mañas is also discovering how the day-to-day workflows when working with head coach Unai Emery are: structure and duties on each member of the coaching staff, how they organise data workflows, amount of information to work with and many others.

“The presentation is our synergy environment”

Finally, Victor Mañastells how Nacsport is being used by Unai Emery’s coaching staff to carry out these workflows. For instance, a key environment in the way they understand their work: “We could hardly work without the presentation. It’s essential for us”.

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