Using Tennis Video Analysis Software

By Duncan Ritchie

25-August-2020 on Tips

8 minute read

We tend to think of sports video analysis software like Nacsport as being particularly useful for team sports. Many clubs in football, rugby, hockey and basketball are well represented in the analysis world. But can video analysis be applied to individual sports such as athletics, golf or tennis?


Well, yes. Of course. Video analysis can be useful in almost any sporting situation. Let’s take a closer look at how it can be applied to tennis…

Analysing the Serve in Tennis



The serve is arguably the most important stroke in tennis and games can be won or lost with a powerful 1st service or a consistent 2nd. How an opponent deals with a serve is also extremely useful to know and understand.


One of the typical methods of using tennis analysis software is to track the success of 1st and 2nd serves. This aspect of the game can be observed and tagged very easily with Nacsport. It’s a simple of matter of setting up your fully customisable Button Template to measure all the permutations that can happen during service.



In turn you can create a Dashboard which gives you a fully interactive visual representation of service during a game. Check out his fantastic example from our friends at AnalysisPro and Millfield School which has been designed to measure the success rate of 1st and 2nd serves and where in the court they landed:




Another powerful tool when it comes to analysing the serve is Nacsport’s Graphic Descriptors feature. Using this allows you to tag XY data on a graphic representation of the court. This data can be used to create heatmaps and show you exactly where the majority of serves land and whether they were returnable. Especially useful when analysing an opponent and discovering habitual actions which can be exploited.



Analysis of Shot Choice


The best way for a player to improve their game is by analysing the mistakes they make. Did they make the correct tactical choice of shot? Was a drop shot really the best way to go when the opponent was in centre court? Did the player choose the best time to attack the net and play a series of volleys?



Oftentimes, tennis is played by instinct, as dictated by the speed of the game. But thoughtful analysis can help players to hone those instincts and make the best shot choices possible. Again, Nacsport can help you tag good and bad examples of shot choice and create an interactive Data Matrix of information which will allow the player to see where they are going wrong and how to adapt their tactical play to win more points.



The great thing about Nacsport is that it’s visual. By clicking on any statistic in the Data Matrix or Dashboard, the player will be linked to a video showing exactly what the analyst is referring to.


The information compiled within the Data Matrix can also be exported to Excel in 5 different ways.



Biomechanical Analysis in Tennis


Of course, instinct isn’t everything and it’s just as important to look at technique. In tennis, biomechanics are playing an ever-increasing role in the analysis of a player’s abilities and weaknesses.


Each shot in tennis has a fundamental mechanical basis and achieving the correct structure and stature during the shot can improve a player’s game immeasurably. Correct biomechanical posture can also help to prevent injuries.


When tagging a game with Nacsport, the video analyst should be looking carefully for good and bad examples of this and use the tagged data to create a video presentation to the player on how they can improve this aspect of their game.


With Nacsport, you can create a presentation with video in slow motion, showing the precise movements of the athlete during the shot. You can export a series of still frames to show the individual body positions in each shot. You can also line up and compare videos of the same shot from various different angles (up to four depending on the software being used) to get a complete picture of body movement.



Nacsport also allows you to overlay different video feeds to get an unprecedented comparison of two similar strokes.



Take Your Analysis Mobile


In addition to all of the above, our mobile app, Tag&view, allows you to go mobile with your analysis on iPad or iPhone. Stand on the baseline or sideline, film with your iOS device and tag the game as you go.



Game, Set and Match with the Best Tennis Analysis Software


Of course, we’re just scratching the surface here of what Nacsport can do. With a full range of tools for tennis video analysis, we put the power at your fingertips.


Many coaches are waking up to the power of analysis in tennis. Take Millfield School in England, for example. A breeding ground for some of the best sportsmen and women to ever come out of Britain. They get their pupils into video analysis at an early age and stage of their career. Check out this article by our friends at AnalysisPro for more info.


If you would like to see for yourself how Nacsport can benefit you as a tennis coach or player, click here for a FREE no-obligation trial of Nacsport for 30 days. If you have questions about our software and what it can do, contact us on for an informal chat.



Thanks for reading!

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Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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