Basketball Video Analysis: Hungary for Success

By Duncan Ritchie

24-February-2020 on Users

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When we talk about Nacsport in terms of family, we really mean it.


In our last basketball post, we talked to you about Alba Berlin, recent winners of the Basketball Bundesliga Pokal (German National Cup). In that article, we told you something of Nacsport’s history with members of the coaching staff at Berlin. We also spoke directly to Carlos Frade, Individual Coach at Alba Berlin.


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Well…surprise, surprise! Our old friend Carlos pops up again in this article where we talk to Henrik Gobi, former Hungarian international and present-day youth coach at Hungarian team Alba Fehérvár.


Hands Across Europe


In fact, it turns out that Mr. Frade introduced Mr. Gobi to Nacsport way back in 2013 when they were both coaching in Hungary. Carlos also gave Henrik some instruction in the basic use of Nacsport and how useful sports performance analysis could be.


This just goes to show you that the reach of Nacsport is long. Not just in Europe, but all around the world. Every day, more and more professionals are turning to Nacsport as their video analysis software of choice and our recognition through word of mouth keeps getting stronger and stronger. Nacsport truly is the choice of the professional.




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So, now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s turn to the subject of today’s article, Henrik Gobi.


Eat, Sleep and…Umm…Breathe Basketball





Nacsport Scout+: The Perfect Balance Between Features and Price



Henrik started in professional basketball in 1988 and had a long, distinguished career until his retirement in 2009. Highlights in his playing career include winning the Hungarian league title during the ’97 / ’98 season with Hungarian team Alba Fehérvár, and representing his country at international level.


Currently, Mr. Gobi still eats, sleeps and breathes basketball. He continues to coach at Alba Fehérvár, where he spent the majority of his career and, on top of this, occasionally provides his coaching prowess to the Hungarian international team.


Analysing and Scouting at Club and International Level


So, how does Henrik utilise Nacsport?


“I use the program every day,” he says.  “Scouting the opposition and analysing our own team.


“Additionally, when working with the national team, it is my responsibility to scout out prospective players. Using Nacsport gives me a huge advantage in this respect.”


As he has said, one of the main ways in which Henrik uses Nacsport is for scouting out opposition teams. He uses a specific Nacsport template which he says works really well for him in this regard.


“I usually scout out opponents over two or three games and add this to any data that I have previously gathered, which is easy to do with Nacsport. I like to analyse each individual player and therefore I have my registration panels set up in this manner.


“There are several ways in which I use Nacsport to analyse a rival team’s strategy,” he continues. “To give you a specific example, I often like to concentrate on last second plays or those which come directly after a timeout. I like to observe the strategy in these cases because if we can react appropriately, it turns the game in our favour.”





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He also concentrates on the defensive line of an opposition team in order to find gaps and lead  effective offensive plays. This level of detail in his analysis has helped inform team strategy in competitions such as the FIBA Europe Cup (FEC) where Fehérvár would regularly come up against tough opposition.


Passion and Dedication





It’s obvious Henrik has a passion for basketball. Taking a short break from his coaching duties at Alba Fehérvár, Henrik will be returning to the international stage as an assistant coach for the Hungarian U18 team at the European Championships. He tells us that presently he is feverishly working through his scouting duties with Nacsport in preparation for this tournament. That being said, we’ll let Henrik get back to work.


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Gobi for taking time out of his obviously busy schedule to talk to us. At Nacsport, we are grateful for coaches such as Henrik who have such dedication and passion for the game and we are proud that he is part of our ever-growing family.


We wish him, and all his teams, well for the future.


Well…Nacsport certainly works for Henrik and it could definitely work for you. Contact our sales team at to talk through your options. Alternatively, get a FREE trial of any of our products by clicking HERE.




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