How HV Victoria Uses Sharimg: A Practical Guide

By Duncan Ritchie

04-February-2020 on Users

7 minute read

At the beginning of last season, Dutch hockey club HV Victoria, also known as the Geelsocks, hired space on the Sharimg platform, as it needed to share video analysis work online with members of the male and female first teams.

By incorporating this platform to its video analysis work, HV Victoria managed to speed up communication with its players and optimise analysis time, thanks to the integration between Sharimg and Nacsport.



"The fact that it is so easy for players to access the videos is a real advantage," says coach Eelko van Roon, one of Sharimg's users at HV Victoria.


Now, here we provide a step by step guide on how HV Victoria uses the Sharimg platform.


Capturing and Recording Action with Nacsport


The person in charge of recording images, their analysis and the subsequent upload of videos and files at HV Victoria is Eelko van Roon himself. Because of this, the coach has a direct means of communication with his players through the platform.


Sharimg hockey


Once the analysis work in Nacsport is finished, it’s possible to upload the content to Sharimg. To do this, we can upload the videos directly from the program and then add the database in XML format to the data matrix.


Uploading this data to Sharimg can be done in three ways:


  • Upload the video and database together from Nacsport
  • Upload the video from Nacsport and the database independently of each other
  • Export the video and database to the computer first and then upload them to Sharimg separately


Organising Content in Sharimg


Videos in folders:


The content uploaded to Sharimg by the coach at HV Victoria is organised, as you can see in the image, to a corresponding folder. In this case, the folders are organised by:


  • Full matches
  • Team talk videos
  • Videos of rival teams



Coaching options in Sharimg


As an administrator, the coach takes advantage of the different options available to him in order to control every detail:


  • Players receive a notification when a new video is uploaded
  • The choice to share videos with the whole team, an individual player, or groups. For example, those who attack from a penalty corner.
  • See the number of times each video has been viewed.
  • Be notified if someone has not watched the video
  • See how many times a player has watched each video


This provides the coach with a lot of information. For example, knowing that all the players have seen a video in the morning will mean that, during an afternoon training session, the whole team will be singing from the same hymn sheet and communication will be more fluid. Therefore, time management will be significantly improved.






As we can see in the previous matrix, one of the aspects that the Geelsocks focus on is ensuring that their players can see in which areas they lose the ball or where their opponents do.


Weekly team planning


Normally, HV Victoria only plays one game per week, usually on Sunday, so weekly planning analysis with Sharimg of HV Victoria is recurring.



Day 1. Post-match analysis


On Monday the weekend’s video is loaded onto the platform next to its database to be able to see the data matrix.


Day 2. Presentations (with drawings)


The presentations prepared by the coach are uploaded to Sharimg, which also includes animations made with KlipDraw.


Day 3. Videos of Opponents


It’s time for Sharimg to host the first few videos relating to this week’s opponents which focus on strengths and weaknesses detected during analysis.


Day 4. Prior to key training


A key day in the weekly preparations. More videos of opponents are uploaded to the platform in the morning but with precise instructions. Instructions which will subsequently be expanded on in the afternoon training session.




Day 5. Pre-match talk


The last session before the match, so it’s time for the team talk. The uploaded video contains the game plan, what has been worked on during the week and the coach's last instructions.


The final presentation contains the game plan, with drawings and animations made by the coach using KlipDraw, and the players actively participate in discussing the plan.


"We like to use Sharimg as a tool where players can prepare for the team talk, so it will take less time to discuss or identify strengths and weaknesses. They will come with their homework already done," explains the coach.



Advantages for the coach


Once the team has become accustomed to working by sharing videos in Sharimg, we can see several factors which ease the weekly work of the coaches.


  • Communication. It is easier to clearly convey the desired message to each player.
  • Productivity. More productive training focused on practical situations.
  • Database. The saving of all videos on the platform in an orderly manner without worrying about storage.
  • Engagement. More engagement by the players in their own analysis and that of their opponents.


Although it may go unnoticed, this is really a key factor for coaches, especially if they are alone or part of a small technical team.


In short, the Geelsocks feel that they have undoubtedly taken a step forward in terms of the use of their video analysis resources and are enthusiastic: “We have noticed that players get more involved in the game plan and in their own individual analysis!”



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Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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