Inside Sevilla FC’s Area of Analysis (Part 1)

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Sevilla FC is an exemplary team within Spanish football. The club’s management model and their signing policy are just a couple of the most successful acknowledgments. However, their commitment to innovation also goes above and beyond. Their Analysis department is pioneering in Spain and in just a couple of seasons, they have become a reference for others within Spanish football.
Sevilla FC have been working with Nacsport software as their video analysis tool for some time. At different stages, the top-flight team and Academy have been using our software to improve their performance analysis workflows. They have given us access to their department, so we can share a couple of blog posts showing you some of their secrets: how they started, structure, organisation and workflows.

When and why was this department created?

“Sevilla FC have a thorough commitment to innovation. We understood there was a growing trend in the world of football, so we suggested the idea: a department to responsible to analyse our Academy game performance”. The man speaking is Ramon Vazquez, one of the Sevilla FC coaching staff and one of the fathers of this project.

“I am the person who suggested the idea, but the department counted on the collaboration of many professionals: Monchi, who was then the Sporting Director, supported the idea. But we also had the help of other staff such as Jesús Olivera [he is now General Coordinator of the Sporting Area and responsible for New Technologies] and Miguel Angel Gomez. They were the men behind the project and without their help, this department probably wouldn’t exist”.

The Sevilla FC’s ‘Area of Analysis’came out in April 2016. There had been hectic work and meetings before that date, but they were ready by then. “Our objective was to be fully operationalby the start of the next season, but that was a preseason for us. We helped Sevilla Atletico –top Academy team after Sevilla FC’s senior team- in their promotion playoff to the Spanish Segunda Division (which is the second highest category within Spanish football system). It was not official video analysis work as we were just in our beginnings”, adds Ramon.

The Area of Analysis started with four performance analysts: Ramon Vázquez, Jose Alberto Martinez, Juan Antonio Guzman and Daniel del Valle. They were responsible to capture and analyse all Academy games, from Sevilla Atletico to U13 teams. There was an incredible acceptance since the very beginning, so they soon needed to join a fifth member: Alvaro Caja.


Unbelievable Success

“We started with one goal but today we are much more than that. We are still responsible for capturing and analysing games and training sessions, but we are now helping staff in specific training sessions when they request it. We capture and analyse strength work, physical tests, etc”, explains Ramon. The Area of Analysis is now a booster for other areas, buy they all have a common goal: improve the team’s performance.

“The Area has grown as needs became higher. We adapt our workloads to the day-to-day routines at the Ciudad Deportiva [Sevilla FC Academy’s facilities]: we support coaching staff from any area or department. We try to help them as much as possible when it comes to video analysis”.

Indeed, the Area of Analysis has been a promotion even for their analysts. Daniel del Valle, who was an original member of the Area, is now Head of Analysis for Spanish side Real Valladolid. Juan Antonio Guzman is still enrolled in the department, but he is now more focused with Sevilla Atletico video analysis, as they need a higher load of performance analysis. Sevilla FC and FC Barcelona are the only two clubs with an Academy team in Spanish professional football categories.

The structure of the Area of Analysis has evolved and now has two more analysts. Alejandro Bendaña and Alonso Lopez have joined them. The current six performance analysts are now responsible to analyse around 10 different youth teams, from U18 to U13 and occasionally they cover U12 and U11 teams.


Organised for a common goal

Their interaction with other coaches and departments within the club is extraordinary. The Area of Analysis is using 7 Nacsport licences: 5 Scout Plus & 2 Elite.

Ramon Vazquez explains some of these collaborations: “We have permanent contact with all team’s coaching staff. We provide them with the information we have filtered. We register actions with two different templates created according to our playing models. These two game models are common to all Academy teams so they can have the same insights”. There are also other models according to specific goals as well which “have been created inside the Area of Analysis, but they have been agreed with the Department of Methodology”.

The Area of Analysis is also supporting –when requested- the Academy Department (led by Agustín López and Pablo Blanco) and the Skills Department (coordinated by Francisco Lopez Alfaro). Their video analysis is a support to “detect weaknesses or reinforce player skills”.

These departments are not the only ones benefiting from their work. “Sometimes we also work with the Rehabilitation Department when a player gets injured... We present them video conclusions so they can improve their physiotherapy recovery”.


“Our goal is to identify actions, register them and from there, export to a big database we are generating. Also, we are exporting data to Excel filesso the outcomes can be sent to our Big Data department”, Ramon concludes.

Nacsport: time saving and efficiency

“We intend the Academy to benefit from our work by any means, filtering information and footage. Without Nacsport, this task would be impossible. You help us save hours of work and you enrich our work. We can do this with a couple of buttons. Saving time make us more efficient so we can focus on improving players and teams”.

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