Level Up Your Sports Analysis with a Nacsport Upgrade

By Duncan Ritchie

13-February-2020 on Users

13 minute read

Ever needed more than 25 buttons in your Nacsport Basic template? Ever wished you could edit more than one video at a time in Basic Plus? Do you simply feel that you’ve reached the limit of what you can do with the tools that are currently available to you and wish you had…more?


Well, you’re not alone. There are many in the same boat. But what can you do?


There’s a simple solution. Upgrade!


With Nacsport’s upgrade system, there’s no need to buy a completely new license, you simply pay the difference between your current license and the license you wish to have. You don’t have to limit yourself jumping up one level either. If you want to go directly from Nacsport Basic to Nacsport Elite, you can!


Although the process is simple and easy,  “paying the difference” might mean something different in each case as there are a few variables to take into account, such as your current license vs your desired license, or your payment plan, whether it is a single payment or paying in instalments.


In this article we’ll take you through the upgrade process and summarize some of these variables for you so you can have a clear idea of what’s involved.



Who can upgrade?


Any Nacsport user can upgrade!


As we said before, this is not a league where you must be promoted between levels. You can jump directly to your desired package with no problems. That’s to say, a Nacsport Basic user can upgrade to Scout without having to go through Basic Plus.


Let’s take a closer look at some common upgrade paths that our commercial wing encounter every day. Maybe you’ll recognize your own case!



Basic vs Basic Plus

Upgrade from Basic to Basic Plus


Ok, so you decided to begin with the starter program in our range but now you feel you need more features to deepen your video analysis. You want to make the jump to Basic Plus but you have doubts. Let’s try and ease your mind!


Question and Doubts


I’m not 100% sure about making the upgrade!


Well, look before you leap! By signing up to do a Nacsport Basic Course, you will receive a 3-month Nacsport Basic Plus license included in the price of the course. This means that, not only will you be able to trial Basic Plus for a whole three months, you’ll also get training to deepen your knowledge of the program and an official certificate at the end! Win, win! But there’s more…as an existing Nacsport user, you are eligible for a discount on the course! Could this option get any better!?




More information about the Nacsport Basic Courses for Soccer, Basketball or Hockey



I want to upgrade but can’t afford to pay the difference between the two programs.


Then make life easy on your wallet! 


Ok, my mind is made up, I want a Basic Plus license!


Of course you do! Get your license now. Just pay the difference and…it’s yours!


What new tools can I expect from Basic Plus?


If you have been considering making the leap, there’s a good chance you know what the differences between the two programs are already. Be we’re not ones to presume anything so here’s a summary of some of the main advantages to this upgrade path.


  • Create up to 50 buttons for your template (instead of 25 in Basic).
  • The possibility of combining buttons (categories and descriptors).
  • The Data Matrix: all your clicks in a single window.
  • Import files in XML.
  • Add audio to your presentations or videos.
  • Capture video from YouTube or an IP camera.


What if I want to upgrade my Basic license to something higher than Basic Plus?


This is less common but in no way strange. The conditions are exactly same and the same purchase options as upgrading to Basic Plus.


To compare each program and the toolset that each one offers, we invite you to have a look at this side by side comparison chart from our website and then continue reading for more information.



Basic Plus vs Scout Plus


Upgrade from Basic Plus to Scout


This is another common upgrade route. One day you suddenly realize that the ability to analyze more than one video in the same session would be useful to you (for example, compare and contrast an opponent in three different matches at the same time). To do this, the minimum package you need is Nacsport Scout.


Questions and Doubts


I haven’t finished paying the instalments for my Basic Plus license yet, but I need more!


Not a problem! You don’t have to finish paying the instalments of Basic Plus before you upgrade. Move to Scout and begin paying the difference in three more annual instalments. The amount you pay will depend on how much you have already paid towards your Basic Plus license.


I’ve got a Basic Plus license but paying the difference is expensive!


Again, we make it easy for you. Pay the difference between the two licenses in three annual instalments! Support and upgrade services are included in the price for these three years!


I don’t want to pay by instalment!


Ok! That’s not a problem at all! You can pay for Scout Plus in a single payment whether you have Basic Plus or not. If you do have Basic Plus, then the single payment you make will again depend on how much progress you have made with payments and whether you are up to date on your support and update service payments.


What new tools can I expect in Scout?


The jump from Basic Plus to Scout is huge. You truly are taking a leap into the world of professional analysis. Although the possibilities offered by Scout Plus are enormous, let’s list some the major benefits.



What if I want to move to a program superior to Scout?


To upgrade to Pro or Elite is to enter a world of endless possibilities in sports video analysis.


The process of upgrading is exactly the same as those we have looked at previously. Pay the difference between your current package and the one you want to move to.


In the case of Elite, you have the added option of paying for the package over 3 annual instalments and, as before, support and upgrade services are included in each year.


Again, we would like to direct you to the side by side comparison on our website to see what advantages each of these products offer.


Upgrade to Scout, Pro or Elite


Upgrade from Scout to Pro or Elite


It’s the same procedure as before, but with even more options therefore we like to analyze each individual case.


We encourage you to contact the sales department to receive a customized quote.


What new tools do Pro and Elite offer you?


With Pro Plus you get some top-flight video analysis tools:



In addition to everything mentioned throughout this article, with Nacsport Elite the only limit is set by you. Some of the tools (and there are many more) are:



As you can see, the options in Nacsport are endless.


We recommend that you use this guide as a reference but, if you really want to take the leap, contact our sales department and they will offer you the solution that’s best for you.


If you still have doubts whether upgrading the program is for you or not, we recommend you try before you buy. We’re sure you’ll be tempted!


Try a FREE 30-Day trial of any of Nacsport product and see for yourself the tools at your disposal.

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Are you enjoying this article?

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Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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