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Nacsport 9.3 for Mac

21-02-2024 Written by Duncan Ritchie 11 minute read

Nacsport 9.3 is now available for Mac users.    This update continues our commitment to...

The Integration of KlipDraw 4.4 with Nacsport on Windows

14-02-2024 Written by Duncan Ritchie 4 minute read

KlipDraw 4.4 is now live and ready to be integrated into your Nacsport on the Windows operating syst...

The Top 10 Nacsport Blogs of 2023

26-12-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 10 minute read

Every year, we compile the most popular blogs that we have published during the year according to Go...

The Nacsport Review of 2023: Laying Solid Foundations for the Future

11-12-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 10 minute read

It’s almost time to raise a glass and say farewell to the year that was. As is typical for thi...

Getting Started with Nacsport Hub Live

04-10-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 16 minute read

We’d like to introduce you to a tool which every analyst, coach and club needs - Nacsport Hub...

Nacsport 9.1.1 for Mac: Three New Tools and Improved Performance

07-08-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 4 minute read

A new update for Nacsport on MacOS is now available. Nacsport 9.1.1 brings three new features to the...

The Integration of KlipDraw 4.3 in Nacsport

05-07-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 3 minute read

KlipDraw 4.3 is now available for Nacsport users on Windows. Those of you who have updated to Nacspo...

Nacsport 9.0: Pro and Elite for macOS, Improved Dashboards, New Live Options and Much More

28-06-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 15 minute read

You’re probably sitting there thinking “wasn’t Nacsport 8.0 just released a few mo...

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