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Dutch Hockey Club HGC among our oldest clients

17-12-2019 Written by Enrico Caballero 3 minute read

As we head towards our 15th anniversary together, the least we could say to one of our longest-servi...

Nacsport 5.0 - Working harder so you don’t have to

17-12-2019 Written by Enrico Caballero 13 minute read

Time to talk you through all the new features contained in our third big update of 2019 - and with t...

Houston Sabercats become latest MLR team to switch to Nacsport

29-10-2019 Written by Enrico Caballero 7 minute read

When freshly graduated analyst James Lewis volunteered for an internship at British rugby club Ospre...

Nacsport teams up with Soccer Tracking Device PlayerMaker

21-10-2019 Written by Enrico Caballero 2 minute read

Today we’re delighted to announce an important new partnership between Nacsport and the Player...

Upload your presentations with Sharimg

22-08-2019 Written by Enrico Caballero 3 minute read

News of a major new update to the Sharimg video platform that should benefit coaches and analysts us...

Video Analysis in Women's Sport: 7 Trailblazing Female Analysts

01-08-2019 Written by Enrico Caballero 7 minute read

There’s no doubt that women are underrepresented in sports coaching and management. But the pa...

5 Analysts Using Nacsport in Real-Time to Communicate and Share Tactics

25-07-2019 Written by Enrico Caballero 9 minute read

The Evolution of Real-Time Sports Analysis   Sports performance analysis is a fast-evolving d...

Nacsport now working with elite New Zealand sports unit

16-07-2019 Written by Nacsport 5 minute read

When New Zealand’s elite sports performance unit HPSNZ first got in touch with us they were lo...

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