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Import Wyscout & Instat data into Nacsport

01-12-2017 Written by Nacsport 3 minute read

Last week we posted an article showing how Argentinian side Club Atletico Talleres worked with Nacsp...

Storage and organisation of your data in Nacsport

28-11-2017 Written by Nacsport 3 minute read

Unless you decide otherwise, all your Nacsport data will be stored in a folder named “NAC SPORT DATA...

Customise Nacsport interface with your logo

17-11-2017 Written by Nacsport 2 minute read

*Read time: 2 minutesOur main goal is that you feel comfortable using our software at all levels. Fo...

Nacsport witnesses a wonderful season for Carabobo FC

14-11-2017 Written by Nacsport 3 minute read

Néstor Romero is the performance analyst for Venezuelan football team Carabobo FC, who are currently...

Turn Your Clicks into Stats with the Nacsport Dashboard (Part 2)

10-11-2017 Written by Nacsport 5 minute read

In Part 1, we covered the basics of Dashboards. This second post shows you more advanced features so...

Turn Your Clicks into Stats with the Nacsport Dashboard Tool (Part 1)

08-11-2017 Written by Nacsport 4 minute read

Dashboards allow users to turn registers into visual stats. With them, you will be able to review yo...

Get the most out of Nacsport’s Drawing Tool

18-07-2017 Written by Nacsport 3 minute read

The Drawing Tool –which is in all Nacsport programs - allows users to convey ideas or messages in a...

How to capture video in Nacsport through a SDI signal?

04-07-2017 Written by Nacsport 3 minute read

In this post, we will show you how to capture a signal from an SDI source into your computer. The pr...

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