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Tactical Analysis: France vs Portugal

14-10-2020 Written by Luismi Loro 8 minute read

After last week's analysis of Barcelona vs Sevilla, we turn our attention to international duties th...

What to Analyse in a Game of Football

08-10-2020 Written by Javi Mera 8 minute read

Javi Mera is a freelance scouting analyst and technician with extensive experience in Spanish footba...

Tactical Analysis: FC Barcelona vs Sevilla FC

06-10-2020 Written by Luismi Loro 7 minute read

Ex-pro footballer and tactical analyst, Luismi Loro, uses Nacsport, InStat and KlipDraw to analyse t...

Tactical Analysis: Roma vs Juventus

29-09-2020 Written by Francesc Martí 11 minute read

This was a match without a clear dominating force, in which blows were traded throughout the match w...

Tactical Analysis: Chelsea Vs Liverpool

22-09-2020 Written by Francesc Martí 9 minute read

After kicking off the league last weekend with a win, both teams enter this match with high expectat...

Analysis: Liverpool FC vs Leeds United

15-09-2020 Written by Francesc Martí 8 minute read

Today’s analysis is brought to you by Francesc Martí, an analyst with extensive experie...

10 Surprising Differences Between Hudl Sportscode and Nacsport (According to Experts)

20-07-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 13 minute read

As we said in a previous post, coaches and analysts around the world are making the Smart Move and c...

#6. Information into Intelligence

10-06-2020 Written by Darren Lewis 5 minute read

Darren Lewis, Head of Performance Analysis at Gloucester Rugby, continues his Nacsport journey and,...

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