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Analyst Spotlight - Anna Montañana Gimeno

27-06-2019 Written by Nacsport 5 minute read

Anna Montañana Gimeno enjoyed a spectacular basketball career, including a spell at Minnesota...

Analyst Spotlight - José Ángel Samaniego

19-06-2019 Written by Nacsport 8 minute read

As one of our most respected customers and a user of Nacsport since we first launched more than 12 y...

Analyst Spotlight - Michael Byrnes

10-06-2019 Written by Nacsport 7 minute read

In our latest Analyst Spotlight, we travel to Ireland and the world of Gaelic sports, to meet a youn...

Analyst Spotlight - Teegan Crawford

24-05-2019 Written by Nacsport 7 minute read

For this week's Analyst Spotlight we head to Australia to discover the sport of OzTag, a non-contact...

Analyst Spotlight - Robin Feenstra

08-05-2019 Written by Nacsport 8 minute read

For this week’s featured analyst we travel to the Netherlands and the Dutch Eerste Division. R...

Analyst Spotlight - Rubén Berrogui Baigorri

26-04-2019 Written by Nacsport 3 minute read

In the second of our frank and open interviews, with Nacsport users pushing our software in new dire...

Analyst Spotlight - Alex Sosa Ortega

16-04-2019 Written by Nacsport 3 minute read

Ever wanted to know how sport’s top analysts use tools like Nacsport to improve team performan...

Meet the Coach: Matt Bollinger, Ice-Hockey Coach

01-03-2019 Written by Nacsport 4 minute read

As his team prepared for one of its most important games of the season, we took a 10-minute time-out...

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