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Tips for Evaluating and Optimising Your Rugby Video Analysis Workflows

13-07-2020 Written by Darren Lewis 5 minute read

“We’ve always done it this way” is a phrase I’ve been gu...

20 Programs and Tools to Help You Get the Most Out of Nacsport

13-07-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 13 minute read

One of our main goals in 2020 is to give our users more power. As well as improving the e...

How to Use Nacsport Data in Power BI

07-07-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 9 minute read

Power BI is one of the best-known Business Intelligence (BI) tools on the market. Develop...

The 5 Best Laptop Computers for Sports Analysis in 2020

07-07-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 7 minute read

We continue our look at the hardware needed for performing sports analysis with something...

5 Pro Tips for Maximising Your Rugby Video Analysis Software

03-07-2020 Written by Darren Lewis 7 minute read

For his seventh article for Nacsport, Darren Lewis, Head of Performance Analysis at Glouc...

History of Sports Analysis: Boxing – The Gentleman’s Game

30-06-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 16 minute read

We tend to think of sports analysis as being a fairly new phenomenon, especially since sp...

The 5 Best Video Cameras for Sports Analysis in 2020

23-06-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 7 minute read

One of the major choices you’ll face when setting up or upgrading your video analys...

The History of Sports Analysis: The Man Who Ruined English Football

17-06-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 12 minute read

When you think of playstyles in football, you automatically associate them with certain c...

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