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What Is Video Analysis in Sport?

20-01-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 21 minute read

Sports video analysis is a relatively new discipline and one that has evolved tremendously over the...

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

30-12-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 8 minute read

There are but a few days until the end of the year and, as always, we like to look back on some of t...

Top 10 Best Blogs in 2020

28-12-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 10 minute read

The end of the year is traditionally a time to reflect on what’s gone before and look forward...

A Huge Step Up with Sharimg Version 3.5

17-12-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 3 minute read

A new update for arrives today. Version 3.5 sees a huge leap in quality for this online...

Analysis: Manchester United vs Manchester City

15-12-2020 Written by Luismi Loro 10 minute read

In our weekly series of tactical analysis, professional analyst Luismi Loro uses Nacsport, in conjun...

A Guide to Holiday Gifts for Video Analysts

10-12-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 12 minute read

We know it’s been a difficult year for everyone, not least for those involved in the world of...

Tactical Report: Lille OSC

09-12-2020 Written by Daniel Muñoz 13 minute read

Daniel Muñoz, tactical analyst at Real Betis for several seasons, collaborates with Nacsport...

Setting Up a Rugby Analysis Lab at Castleford Tigers

03-12-2020 Written by Ste Mills 12 minute read

Ste Mills is Head of Analysis at Castleford Tigers, an English Rugby League side. He has a wealth of...

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