Video Analysis with German Basketball Cup Winners

By Duncan Ritchie

19-February-2020 on News

8 minute read

We here at Nacsport are proud to say we can add another of our users to our Champions Hall of Fame!


Last weekend (16th of February, 2020), German Basketball team Alba Berlin, won the Basketball Bundesliga Pokal, the annual national basketball cup in Germany, in a stunning 89-67 victory over rivals EWE Baskets.






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Many congratulations to them on their success.


So, what is the connection between Alba Berlin and Nacsport?


A Relationship Beyond the Professional


Currently, Alba Berlin have been Nacsport Users for the previous 4 seasons and have recently renewed their contract with us for 3 more years but the relationship between Alba Berlin and Nacsport is a deep and interesting one which goes far beyond the commercial. We shall attempt to summarize the story for you in the name of brevity.


As you may know, Nacsport is a company which was born in and operates from the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. Straightaway, we have a connection here as Alejandro “Aíto” García Renses, the current head coach at Alba Berlin, was poached directly from CB Gran Canaria, one of the most successful Canarian basketball teams, with whom we have understandable connections.


We’re happy to say that Aíto has had great success during his time at Alba Berlin and, aside from the recent BBL-Polka win, was named Eurocop Coach of the Year during the 2018-2019 season.


But our connection becomes even stronger when you factor in some of the members of Aíto’s “Spanish Army”, coaching staff who made the move to Germany with him when he left Gran Canaria.


Take assistant coach, Israel Gonzalez, for example. Israel spent many years at Gran Canaria as an assistant coach and is one of, if not the oldest user of Nacsport! We’re sure he has been instrumental in Nacsport becoming one of Alba Berlin’s most potent training tools.





Building Enduring Relationships in Basketball



Complete Integration


So…how exactly does Alba Berlin use Nacsport in their training schedule?


Individual Performance Coach, Carlos Frade, himself another member of the “Spanish Army”, has given us some insight into the use of sports analysis at the club.


Nacsport is integrated into all aspects of the club with both the main male and female teams incorporating video analysis into their weekly training routines. On top of this, the B team and both the under-19 and under-16 junior teams, have analysis sessions with their coaches, which is a great way to get youngsters involved in their professional development.


Overall, Alba Berlin have contracted two Elite packages, one Pro+ package, four Scout+ packages and one Basic+ package. As you can see, they put a lot of trust in Nacsport for their video coaching needs!





The Evolving Science of Sports Analysis



Carlos tells us that Nacsport is mainly utilized for post-game analysis where the coaches focus on individual players as well as the team as a whole. During individual analysis the key areas that the coaches look at are:


  • Decision making
  • Balance
  • Shooting and Scoring
  • Passing


As soon as a game is finished the analysts get to work, focusing on these areas and areas of import in defense and attack. Nacsport is used to present the findings of this analysis, both positive and negative, to the players just before their next training session.


In addition, scouting is another area where Nacsport is utilized as they have two dedicated scouts for the Bundesliga and the Euroleague. Scouting out opponents and making reports and recommendations using Nacsport is important for informing strategy.


In order to do this, scouts usually watch at least 4 of their opponent’s previous games. From here, they use Nacsport to chop up the video and create a manageable presentation for Coach Aíto, who in turn selects what he believes to be the most important plays for presentation to the players. This presentation usually happens one day before the game.


In total, 11 coaches and scouts use Nacsport and this variety in the knowledge base is seen by Carlos to be a huge advantage.


“People from different backgrounds have different views when watching the same action,” he says. “And we like that variety from our people. The ability to share knowledge helps us grow as a coaching staff and as an organization.”





Amazing Customization Options


Nacsport’s customization options are another huge advantage in an organization of this size. The ability to customize templates to each individual team’s necessities is paramount although, due to similarities in training, some aspects of the templates must be interchangeable.


“We have Nacsport customized to each team, because of the different concepts we are working on,” says Carlos. “But it is also very important for us, and I really mean this, to have COMMON roots for all the teams in the program. Because of that we need to have a template with common Descriptors and Categories for each coach in the club.”


So, overall, what are Carlos Frade’s impressions of using Nacsport?


“We believe video analysis is a fundamental part of development for our players and coaches,” he says. “For us, it has been a pleasure to work with Nacsport. After working and growing together for years, we have developed a relationship that goes well beyond the professional.”


So, there you have it, straight from the mouth of champions. Nacsport is an essential part of any professional set-up and is increasingly become a useful tool for semi-pro and amateur teams too.





Now listen, we can’t promise that Nacsport will make you champions like Alba Berlin, but we can promise you a video analysis solution that is used by champions and will definitely help you to improve your training and team strategy.


For any of our readers in Germany, Holland or Belgium who are interested in the power of Nacsport and video analysis, we would like to suggest that you get in contact with our fantastic partners at CaJa Sport, who will be happy to offer you their professional expertise and advise.


We would also like to offer you a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL of any of our Nacsport products.


Try Nacsport today, what’ve you got to lose!

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Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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