Nacsport Hub 1.5: Online Tagging and Analysis Is Here

By Duncan Ritchie

10-June-2024 on News

18 minute read

The latest update to Hub includes a feature which we consider to be a natural progression for the platform - the ability to create a tagging window and tag a video online.


This means that you’ll be able to take your analysis work online and work fully in the cloud, instantly sharing your insights with players and colleagues in the Team Channel.


Not only this, standard users in the account can use these tagging windows and perform their own analysis, putting the power of learning in their hands.


In this blog, we’ll take a look at the online tagging feature and show you, step-by-step, how to use it.


So, let’s get started…

What Is Nacsport Hub?


If you are not a Hub user, you may be wondering what exactly Hub is.


Well, simply put, it’s an online platform designed specifically for storing and sharing your sports video analysis work in order to get your insights to players, coaches and anyone else at your club simply and easily.


You can work comfortably in the cloud, creating clips and sending them to your players quickly and securely from the platform.


But it’s much more than this, it also acts as a communication hub for your club. The Team Channel, which has been created to act as your very own private social network, allows you to keep in touch with the team. It’s a place where you can learn, grow and improve together.


Going further, the Hub Live feature allows you to upload clips live from Nacsport and give the bench instant access to important game moments. This feature can make a direct impact on live games.


The Team Tracking Area, allows you to track the performance of your team over the course of the season, instantly seeing weaknesses and improvements.


And then there’s Online Tagging, a new feature which we’re talking about today, which makes it easier than ever to perform a video analysis online.


But before we get into this, please feel free to check out the Hub webpage for more info. From here, you can also start a FREE 15 day trial of Hub and see the power of online analysis for yourself.




Availability of Hub Online Tagging


Please note: This feature is only available via a web browser and not the Hub app.


Online tagging is available to everyone with a Hub account, but there are some restrictions on the total number of tagging windows you can create in your account, depending on the type of plan you have.


The breakdown is as follows:

•    H40 - Create 2 different tagging windows
•    H100 - Create 5 different tagging windows
•    H200 - Create 10 different tagging windows
•    H300 - Create 30 different tagging windows
•    H400 - Create 40 different tagging windows
•    H500 - Create 50 different tagging windows
•    Hub Demo - Create 1 tagging window



How to Assign Tagging Windows to Sub Accounts and Standard Users


If you are a super administrator in one of the higher level accounts, the number of tagging windows can be shared between sub accounts as you see fit.


To do this, click on your profile picture and select Sub accounts. From here, you can add or delete new sub accounts, assign the number of administrators and standard users and, of course, manage the number of tagging windows assigned to each sub account.


assign tagging windows nacsport hub


By default, only account administrators can create tagging windows. They can, however, assign tagging windows to standard users, who can then create their own.


To do this, go to the Tagging Window Manager (see next section) and click the share icon in the toolbar.


Assign tagging windows Hub


In the window that opens, you can assign tagging window permissions to any standard user in the account, up to the maximum that your account allows.

How to Create a Hub Tagging Window


To create your first tagging window in Hub, click on the Videos tab in the sidebar. From here, click on Tagging Window Manager in the upper toolbar.


tagging window manager hub


In the window that opens, you can view all the available tagging windows or create a new window.


Double click on any tagging window to open and edit it. Alternatively, click the plus icon in the bottom right corner to start one from scratch.


create new tagging window


Whichever option you choose, a new window opens with two columns - the tagging window itself on the right and the editing option on the left. The latter opens when you choose any button.


Here’s a look at both of these columns:


create tagging window hub interface


Hub allows you to create a maximum of 24 separate buttons. There a various types of button available, similar to those found in the Nacsport desktop software, which include:


Automatic categories: the main action or parameter that creates a clip. Clips are created automatically with a set time which you configure. Rectangular shape (Transition in the image above)


Manual categories: the main action or parameter that creates a clip. Clips are created manually, click the button once to begin creating the clip and once to stop. Rectangular shape with a dark border (Attack and Defense in the image above)


Descriptors: Adds additional info to categories. Allows for advanced stats and clip filtering. Oblong shape (Goal, High Press and Conceded Goal in the image above)


To create or edit a button, click on it to open the editing window.


tagging window hub options


•    Name the button and choose whether it is a category or descriptor.
   Assign a fill colour for the button and a text colour.
   Choose a keyboard shortcut for quick tagging (some keys are reserved for video controls and are unavailable).
   Choose the Pre and Post times. This dictates the length of clips created by automatic categories before and after the click.
   Choose whether the category is manual or not. Manual categories must be clicked twice to create the clip - once to start the clip and once to end it.
   Set an exclusion to ensure that two contrasting manual categories, such as Attack and Defense, cannot be active at the same time. Clicking one will automatically close the other.



Once finished editing the button, don’t forget to click Accept to save the changes.


Add as many buttons as you need and click Save Changes. A thumbnail of the tagging window will be created and added to the Tagging Window Manager.



Using Your Tagging Window


Ok, now that you’ve created your tagging window, it’s time to start tagging your video.


To do this, go to the Videos tab in the sidebar and select the video you want to tag. Double click it to open the video.

start new analysis hub


There are two options here. If the video already contains an analysis by you or one of your colleagues, you can choose to open that analysis and continue working on it with the same or a different tagging window.


In this case, your tags will be mixed with those of the other analysts, although they can be filtered to only show your tags at a later time.


Option two is to start a brand new analysis with the tagging window of your choice.


Let’s create a new analysis…


Click the + icon, click the smaller + that appears above it and name your analysis.


Now choose the tagging window you want to use, play the video and start tagging the game by clicking the buttons or using the previously assigned keyboard shortcuts.


Your tags will appear in the play-by-play table below the video player. Click any tagged clip to view it in the video player.

using tagging window hub


You can filter the clips in the play-by-play table using the filter icon in the toolbar below the video player. Clips can be filtered to show clips that you have tagged or that contain specific categories.

How to Share Your Analysis with the Team


To share an analysis created with your tagging window on Hub, you need to update the View / edit permissions for players and coaches.


To do this, open the video from the Video tab in the sidebar and choose the one you want to work with.


In the next window, if there is more than one analysis available for the video, click the one you want to share to highlight it.


Next, click the options menu (three vertical dots) in the upper-right and choose Change view / edit permissions.



share hub analysis


The following window will open:


change view edit permissions hub


Only players or coaches that are highlighted in blue will be able to view the analysis and associated clips.


In addition, you can grant permission to anyone on the account to edit the analysis, i.e. add their own clips with the same or different tagging window. To do this, ensure the Edit? box is ticked.


If the analysis was created by an account administrator, by default, all users in the account will automatically have permission to view the analysis, but not edit it.


If the analysis was created by a standard user, by default, all permissions will be deactivated and must be assigned manually.

Picture-in-Picture for More Comfortable Tagging


We are aware that screen space is limited in the tagging environment of Hub and that’s why we have added the picture-in-picture feature in order to give you more room to work comfortably.


This feature is available by default when using Firefox or Edge. Simply hover the mouse over the video and click the icon that appears.



picture in picture hub


If you use Chrome, you need to install this free extension. Once installed, press Alt + P (⌥ + P on macOS) to activate the feature.


The video player will pop out allowing you to move it anywhere on the screen. Drag the corners to make it bigger or smaller.


This is especially useful if you are using a dual screen setup, as you can have the video occupying one screen and the tagging window and play-by-play table in the other.


To extend the play-by-play table, click on the double arrows below the video player.


picture in picture hub chrome



Editing Tagged Clips


editing tagged clips hub


To open the Clip Editor, choose the clips you want to edit and click the icon beneath the video player. You can also double click a clip to open the editor.


From here you can change the length of the clip - useful if your pre and post times haven’t caught all the action.


You can also change the tagged category, remove descriptors and add notes to the clip.

Sharing Tagged Clips


To share any of your tagged clips, select them in the play-by-play table and click the options menu to the right of the toolbar.


Here, you’ll find the option for deleting the selected clips, but also the option to share them to an already created list, a new presentation or create a post on the Team Channel.


Perfect for instantly sharing your work with players and fellow coaches.

share tagged clips hub


Get a FREE Hub Trial


The online tagging feature is now available to ALL current Hub users.


If you have any questions or comments about this new feature, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at any time.


If you’re not yet a Hub user, why not get yourself a free, no obligation trial of the platform and see the power of Hub for yourself.


To get a trial, click here and fill out the form. We’ll set you up with a limited trial account and talk you through your needs.


Thanks for reading.



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Are you enjoying this article?

Subscribe to our newsletter and receive a monthly compilation of articles, interviews and Nacsport tips for video analysis.

Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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