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30-April-2019 on News

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Over the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time listening to analysts, coaches and scouts across a variety of different sports. Many of the changes we’ll be introducing throughout 2019 are the direct result of their feedback. In this blog we’d like to introduce you to 4 of the new features inspired by those conversations and tell you a little bit more about each one;

  1. Dual Capture

One of the most significant and instantly noticeable changes you’ll find in Nacsport 4.1 is the Dual Capture feature. As the name suggests, Dual Capture will make it possible to capture video from 2 feeds simultaneously, with no need for extra equipment or hardware.

This provides analysts with the option of combining their own camera feed with broadcast TV pictures, close up cameras or static IP units positioned around the field of play. Providing your computer has GPU capability (such as NVIDIA or INTEL) you’ll be free to import a second feed into your Nacsport analysis, without investing in expensive new equipment.

Once you’re using Dual Capture you’ll find the interface is intuitive and flexible. Selecting which angle to view, switching between angles or using the picture in picture option mean you’ll never miss a second of the action and continue to have full access to existing features such as real-time playback - available for either feed.

Best of all, Dual Capture will blend seamlessly into your existing workflow - so the learning curve really is minimal. Both recordings are auto-synchronized post-capture and linked to data recorded during play.

nac 410 sreenshot patterns


  1. Pattern Recognition & System Learning

Imagine how much time you could save if rather than searching through reams of data to discover recurring patterns in your team’s play, they were created for you, kept on file and made available to be used again.

We’re really, really excited about Pattern Recognition - providing our users with the ability to identify repetitive elements of play or patterns within a game, that conclude with the same result.

Simply set the number of ‘minimum’ repetitions you want to record, the minimum number of descriptors you want to include and let Nacsport do the heavy lifting. Effectively you’ll be teaching the software what to look out for, eliminating irrelevant ‘noise’ and automatically creating both a portfolio of previous instances and a smart template to recognise that pattern in the future.

tweet your goal nacsport


  1. Tweet Your Goal

At first glance you might think the ability to send a tweet every time your team scores is purely aesthetic. But think again. Tweeting your Nacsport dashboard offers a world of opportunity for clubs of every size.


For smaller teams, on a limited budget, being able to analyse a game and manage the social media from a single device will be a real money-saver - and an easy way to promote awareness among local communities.

Commercially speaking, integrating what is probably the most popular social media channel for sports fans with your team on match day, creates exciting new opportunities for sponsorship and monetisation.


  1. The Categories/Actions Frequency chart

This one’s for the purists and big-data lovers. We’ve implemented new ways of processing the data you generate, to recognise and highlight core patterns within a team’s performance. And we’ve presented that in a clean, uncluttered way making it very easy to visualise or share the data.

Our Categories/Actions Frequency calculator makes it easy to see exactly how often a specific action is taking place, either during a set period of time or throughout an entire game. It’s also possible to select multiple actions to overlap, revealing not just when they occur, but also the interactions led to them happening.


We see Categories/Actions Frequency as being a real boost for the growing number of analysts using Nacsport in real-time, to brief coaches on subtle tactical changes that become apparent during a game.

OK, hopefully that gives you a taster of what we have coming in Nacsport 4.1.0.

We didn’t even have time to tell you about faster video production, multi-presentations, resizable buttons, video overlays, custom XML imports, radar charts and the many, many more changes we’re about to release.

Stay tuned to our social media over the next week for more details and the official release date. Until then, if you’re not already using Nacsport, why not

download a free 30 day trial of our software

, familiarise yourself with its features and start putting the power of meaningful data to work for your team.

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Are you enjoying this article?

Subscribe to our newsletter and receive a monthly compilation of articles, interviews and Nacsport tips for video analysis.

Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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