Nacsport now working with British Wheelchair Basketball

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02-July-2019 on News

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British Wheelchair Basketball is partnering with Nacsport (and our sister telestration software KlipDraw) for its inaugural Premier Division Conference, which begins later this year, in an ambitious plan that aims to create solid bonds between the sport and local universities.

Buoyed by an incredible 2018/19 season, which saw 3 British squads engage in European campaigns, live matches streamed on the BBC and several new teams apply for membership, the organisation has now set its sights on the establishment of a full-time professional British wheelchair basketball league. 

A new kind of performance partnership


The partnership with Nacsport, which was facilitated in the UK by Analysis Pro, forms a key part of the organisation’s preparation for a move to professional status within 5 years. And the agreement, which is a first of its kind, aims to provide comprehensive training and in-depth analysis for teams by establishing relationships between clubs and local universities.

From next season all teams competing in British Wheelchair Basketball will be encouraged to film their matches, then use Nacsport

video analysis

software to tag the action and analyse performance. The unique arrangement negotiated by Analysis Pro’s Josh Bryan, will see any potential skills gap bridged by the formation of mutually beneficial partnerships between individual clubs and university departments.

british wheelchair basketball


Hands-on experience for the next generation of analysts


“This is a pivotal moment for our sport”, according to British Wheelchair Basketball’s Chief Executive, Lisa Pearce, “We have top-flight teams with world-class players who have previously been unable to access video sports analysis capabilities.”

Performance analysis has long been seen as the preserve of wealthier clubs and professional sports, who can afford the software and additional staffing costs. But the British Wheelchair Basketball deal looks set to change all of that. The agreement will see students of sports-related subjects given access to raw data - in this case, match videos - in return for their analytical reporting. 

Analysis Pro’s Josh Bryan sees this as a valuable trade-off, delivering elite level hands-on experience to students and a previously unexplored training resource to the teams, adding “The partnership beautifully resolves this by forming mutually beneficial relationships…”

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