Nacsport Analysts: A Guide for Guest Writers

By Duncan Ritchie

25-February-2021 on News

14 minute read

Would you like to share your analysis work with the wider Nacsport community? Well, we’re giving you the opportunity to do exactly that.


We’re opening the Analysis section of our blog for anyone who is interested in promoting their work as a guest writer.


If you’re interested in this opportunity, we recommend that you read this guide and discover what you need to do to get your article published.

Before We Begin...


We don’t want you to waste your time by writing and submitting an article that gets instantly rejected, so, the first thing we’ll say is that no articles will be accepted without a prior agreement being in place.


That is to say, we're asking you to submit a proposal for an article and not the article itself...for the moment. We’ll assess the proposal and, if we like the idea, we’ll give you the green light to write and submit the full article.


To submit a proposal, please email us at


guest writing for nacsport


Being upfront with you, it’s important that we maintain the high standards of our blog and, therefore, we reserve the right to not publish an article if it does not meet the required quality, style or format we have asked for.


With all that being said, let’s go through the requirements needed for your article to be one of the chosen ones!


Article Topic


We’re sure we don’t need to say this, but your article must contain a sports analysis! This could be of any sport but what type of analysis are we looking for?


Well, here are a few ideas:


•    Coaches. Here, we’re thinking about coaches that are distinctive in some way. This could be their playstyle, philosophy or ideas. It may be about a season in which they excelled or it may be about their whole career. Here's an example which has been popular with our readers:
     4 Wide Avenues of Attack at Bielsa’s Leeds


Marcelo Bielsa at a whiteboard nacsport

•    Players. Do you have the inside scoop on the next big up and coming star in your sport? Are you an expert on a specific league and would like to highlight some of the leading names in the competition? Tell the Nacsport community! Here are a couple of examples: 
      Future Prospects with Nacsport and InStat: Youssoufa Moukoko 

      Summer Transfer Window with Nacsport and InStat: Benoit Badiashile


•    Matches. It doesn’t matter if it’s a match from the history books that provides valuable tactical lessons or a recent encounter. An example of a match analysis which has had a big impact amongst fans would be this effort, written by ex-footballer and coach, Luismi Loro:
     Tactical Analysis: Manchester City vs Arsenal 


We Value Originality


Ok, now that we’ve talked about the type of article, it’s time to focus on the content. Although it’s not mandatory, at Nacsport, we value innovation.


What does this mean? Well, you just have to do a quick search through various sporting blogs and social media to see that there are articles about the same players and coaches published over and over again.


Guardiola, Klopp, Mourinho, Messi, etc. Although, we’ve nothing against them (on the contrary, we hold them all in high regard!) we would prefer something more alternative and innovative.


No Repetition


Lastly, it’s important that we don’t repeat content that has already been covered on our blog. You can check out all the previous content published by Nacsport by clicking here


tactical report leicester city 




So, you’ve had a great idea for a blog, you’ve sent your proposal to us and we like your it’s time to get down to the business of writing it. Let’s take a look at some of the guidelines for doing this...


Article Length


Preferably, your article will be between 1,000 and 2,000 words in length. Although there’s no major problem if you exceed this length, reaching the minimum is fairly important.


All modern word processors should have a word counting tool or, alternatively, you can use a web based tool such as this one.


That being said, quality is always better than quantity!


The finished article should be sent to us at in Word or Docs format (not PDF).




You can add a maximum of 15 images in .png or .jpg format with a minimum quality of around 600 - 800 pixels wide. You are free to choose the format of these photos although landscape images work better on our blog.


nacsport guest writer klipdraw


Remember that all image content must be free of copyright for publishing purposes.


Audiovisual Resources


You can include a maximum of three videos in your article. Tell us where in the article you want to place them, send us a URL from where they are hosted and we’ll incorporate them in the final publication.


Content of Analysis


How you organize the content is entirely up to you. Feel free to structure the analysis as you see fit. Of course, we like to see things ordered nicely and texts that have a logical structure, with section headings, sub-headings, etc., will be looked on favourably.


A tip for getting the organization correct: if, once you’ve finished the text and are reviewing it, you see that the text is easy to scan with a quick read, you’ve probably done a good job.


Again, here’s a few examples of good structure to give you some inspiration:


•    The Manchester Derby: United vs City. Luismi Loro starts by outlining some of the key points of the game and ends it with a logical conclusion.

•    Analysis of Celta de Vigo and the Football of Coudet. Mati Navarro gives an introduction followed by separate sections on offense and defense and ends with his conclusions about the match.

•    Tactical Report: RB Leipzig Gives You Wings. In this article, Dani Muñoz begins the article talking about the team's game system, continues with some tactical ideas and concludes with some key bullet points.


As you can see, in all three cases, the basic structure is Introduction - Body - Conclusion, although there are a few differences within this structure.


Whatever you write about and however you structure it, we ask that you treat the subject professionally. This article will be shared with hundreds of readers, many of them analysts or aspiring analysts, and reading your article should be of value to them. We recommend that you be a specialist in the subject and that you give a certain depth to your analysis.


Author of the Article


Ok, let’s talk about the most important! What do we need to know and what do we expect from you?


Original Text


It goes without saying that your text must be 100% original and written by you. Additionally, your text must not have been previously published elsewhere, either online or offline. Do not copy and paste an article published by other websites. Remember, this hurts us all.


Reserved for Nacsport Users


Guest writers must be Nacsport users. This could be any program in our range, from Basic to Elite, but you must have a current license with your Support and Update Service payments up to date. 


If we like your proposal, we’ll ask you to confirm your personal data before proceeding any further.


We also value those users who utilize other resources which are “friends” of Nacsport. For example, images that contain drawings and animations made with KlipDraw or the use of videos and data from the InStat platform (please mention this in your proposal email).


Photo, Bio and Promotion


In addition to having your name attached to the article, please send us a personal bio of no more than 250 words so that we can add a bit of info to the article. This can include any professional experience you might have had. We also need a photo of you which will be added to the byline of the article.


Also, please send us any links to social media channels where you are active so that we can mention or tag you when we promote the article on official channels.


What Part Will Nacsport Play? 


We will create the header image and title of the article. Of course, you are free to send us a proposal of a title and we will try to use your suggestion. However, be aware that we may make small changes in order to keep it in line with the overall content of the blog.


header england vs belgium guest nacsport writer


Regarding the article, we will review the text and make corrections if necessary. If major changes are necessary, or if the article doesn’t comply with this guide, we’ll contact you to edit it. Of course, you will always have the last word on any changes made before publication.


Lastly, if your article is chosen for publication, it will be translated into Spanish and published on the Spanish version of our website, increasing its impact and reach. The editor responsible for the translation is an experienced native Spanish speaker from within our ranks.


Thanks for Your Collaboration!


And that’s all! We’re really looking forward to receiving your ideas. If you should have any proposals you’d like to discuss or questions about the process, please feel free to contact us at


Thanks for reading and hopefully we’ll hear from you soon!

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Are you enjoying this article?

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Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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