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27-May-2019 on News

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With the new Sharimg platform you can view or share your analysis quickly and easily - using the matrix. Now you can upload your videos and analyses directly to the Sharimg platform and visualise your work in matrix form - just like you can with Nacsport.

One request we receive from Nacsport users, is to share their analyses online, rather than individually messaging every member of their team after each game.

Our partners at Sharimg have just released a new update that not only makes this possible, it also introduces some powerful new features that encourage the viewing of your analysis.

An easier way for analysts to distribute and share their work:

Upload your analysis direct from the Nacsport timeline into Sharimg, then visualise video and matrices in exactly the same way you can with Nacsport.

To allow a single athlete to review his or her actions, simply upload your match analysis and accompanying video to Sharimg and share it. All an athlete has to do is open the matrix and select his or her name to access a complete matrix of their actions - on any device.

  • Open multiple analyses, from one or more videos, at the same time using the multiple matrix option 

Rather than reviewing data from a single match, athletes can now assess performance across several games. Once the content is uploaded, athletes simply log in, open the analyses they want to view and all the accumulated information will be presented conveniently as a single matrix.

  • Create custom matrices and avoid excess data, when you want to view specific information

You can also review the same types of information, from various analyses, in a single custom matrix. For example; to review defensive actions, administrators can create a custom matrix, select the appropriate categories and descriptors for inclusion, instead of searching through a full matrix for what they need.

  • Seamless integration with Nacsport

To make the upload process as straightforward as possible, we’ve introduced a Sharimg icon to the Nacsport timeline. So no need to export each analysis individually, save to your desktop then upload into Sharimg. Instead, just click the handy icon, select the option to upload video or analysis - in XML format - and press send. In a couple of clicks your transfer is on its way.

sharimg devices

Sharimg’s most convenient and useful features:

  • It’s very, very easy to upload videos - even multiple videos at the same time.
  • You control who has access to your account. Define groups, appoint administrators and set standard user access.
  • Share content only with members chosen by you, either individually or as a group.
  • Add public or private comments for your audience to read, conduct confidential one-to-one conversations or group discussions with your whole team.
  • Set up and organise your own folder structure, just as you would in Nacsport, organising content in a way that suits you best.
  • Add supplementary content in a variety of formats, including; .doc, .pdf, .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .bmp, .nac, .naccat, .pre.
  • View user reports, see who’s accepted an invitation to access content, whether they viewed it, how many times they viewed it and if they’ve commented.

For a better idea of what you can achieve with Sharimg and some handy video tutorials click here.

Quick and easy, with prices to suit every budget

If you are beginning to see the advantages of Sharimg - to make distributing your work quicker and engaging with colleagues easier, take a look at the pricing options here.

Grab a free 15-day trial of Sharimg

To arrange your free 15-day trial of Sharimg and enjoy full access to all its features, simply ask your distributor or contact the Sharimg team direct.

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