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20-August-2010 on News

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Juanjo Vila has brought from Deportivo tactical analysis program live far more advanced Nacsport, live strategist WITH THIS SYSTEM THAT LACK OF MADRID AND BARCA MAY SEND TO THE BENCH PLAYS PUBLISHED IN RECORD TIME AND THE REST, WITH A PROJECTOR, AND MAY EMERY SHOW WITH POINTS TO IMPROVE IMAGEValencia has a gun without their biggest rivals, Real Madrid and Barcelona. The coach Juan Vila, signed this summer from Deportivo, has brought the system live-art analysis of the market, Nacsport. "coach Unai Emery is open to new things, is restless and absorb knowledge that can help" explains Juan Vila and his business partner, Mikel Jauregui. The availability of coach and the fact that those responsible for handling the NAC are certified technicians are prerequisites to get all the performance collective tactical software that have very few football clubs in the world. Villarreal, Zaragoza and Epyol recently purchased this tool it also succeeds in countries accustomed to technology such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. But, in Spain, Vila is a pioneer in the use of Birth The NAC can "control virtually all" and make work easier Unai tactical, individual study of each player-work of the second Mr. Juan Carlos Carcedo-or Otxotorena training and advice to the doormen. A powerful tool to support both parties as workouts. "In the games from the top, more calm and no disturbing elements, we can see everything. The tactical position, the opponent's weaker side, the player more vulnerable, mistakes and successes in strategy, in the markings ... It is an aid. Emery read correctly matches, but with more eyes, more possibilities. When Lotina was removed and put up with me, saying that football is easy from up here, "recalls Vila. The main thrust of the program is interactive analysis, almost seconds after the moves occurring in the game. Older software, such as the 'Match', which also owns the VCF-offered the option of digitizing the images and begin the study ended after the crash. Therefore, see Juan Carlos Carcedo working on the raw digitized planes after games became common technique last year. Now, however, can claim Carcedo Unai and instant and on-demand and receive on your PC on the bench, the big plays of the game and edited, and receive the default actions prior to the start-fouls, corners, cross, etc. -. "We have a camera that records in HD (high definition) and, unlike the serial television offering, includes plans 'goal on goal', to capture the movements basic tactical and strategic positions. Program features a timeline that allows back to back without stopping the recording and digitization of the game in real time, "argues Vila. Another substantial advantage is the ability to see the video the first time during the break on a projector that exists in the locker room with all sorts of individual and collective tactical details already published. That if, despite that one mistake can make clear to a player, Unai Emery is always in favor of correcting the imbalance from 'positive psychological reinforcement. "The ultimate responsibility for the images to use is always the Valencia coach. Valencia and Ajax already working at full pace with a program that initially was tested in the world of hockey, especially, to analyze the penalty corner. A tactical and strategic move very complicated when defending. It is a sort of mini-corner which ends in shots on goal. "In the stands of the hockey stadiums of a tower exclusively for analysts' indicates Vila. In turn, the true origin of this type of study tactics in the stands is in the American Football-NFL, where every team has at present six technical assistants with the video, who divide their analysis on their own team, opposing team , defense, attack and quarterback. Among the highlights Nacsport users of Spanish basketball Team, which next week begins the World Cup. REACTIONS JUANJO VILATECHNICAL MEMBER OF THE VALENCIA C.F."Coach Unai Emery is open to everything new, is restless and absorbed all knowledge to help""Faced with the" Fiore "We saw a block worked in tactical and competitive" MIKEL JAUREGUITECHNICAL MEMBER OF THE VALENCIA C.F"We can see the position, the weaker side, the most vulnerable player, strategy, ... all"   The VCF has signed two technical experts in image processing. Vila is the title of national coach and UEFA pro license. For five years he taught tactics, coached ten Galician and Third latter two tactical analyst Depor. Jauregui is a national trainer, dedicated mainly to the base and has been coordinator of the Football Elkartea Hondarribia. Tactics and dissection of rival The work of Vila and Jauregui extends beyond weekly work parties. The system was used in the preseason in Slovenia and occasional training in Paterna. Both published and dissected Valencia planes for tactical work-group of matches and training, always under the supervision of Emery. They also conduct a first filter for individual study of each player itself and rival Carcedo task. In the final product is the player with a video of 3 or 4 minutes to know the strengths to exploit in their face to face with the opponents very useful material when it is an unknown opponent, from other leagues. Finally, Juan Vila is responsible for spying on rival each week with the DVD provided by the recording department, which has one of the most comprehensive film libraries in Europe. Of their work are born videos of the talks, after the final okay and Carcedo Emery. The recorded product from other teams scouting serves the technical secretariat.

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