The WBDA and Nacsport: A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

By Duncan Ritchie

10-May-2022 on News

7 minute read

Today, we are happy to announce that Nacsport will operate as a technology provider for the Women’s Basketball Development Association (WBDA) in the United States and beyond.


Having never had a fully developed system of analysis, this 3-year partnership represents a huge opportunity for the WBDA to implement performance analysis into their day-to-day running to aid player and team development.


What follows is an introduction to both companies and a summary of what this agreement will mean to both parties.

Introduction to the WBDA




The WBDA is a developmental league which aims to provide professional female basketball players the opportunity to further their basketball careers after college.


A relatively new league, the WDBA was formed out of the ashes of the Women’s Blue Chip Basketball League (WBCBL) when the latter was acquired by William Kelly. 


The inaugural WBDA season was won by the Orlando Boom in 2019 and, despite the following season being postponed due to the COVID pandemic, the 2022 season ramps up in May with over 20 participating teams over two conferences.


In addition to the WBDA Eastern and Western Conferences in the United States, the WBDA is currently working to establish women’s leagues in Canada and Mexico. Over time, the intention is to break into further territories, making the WBDA a truly global brand.


WBDA Nacsport partnership


Introduction to Nacsport


Nacsport is a technology company based in the Spanish Canary Islands in Europe. Nacsport specialises in developing software specifically for sports performance analysis. The software can be adapted to any sport.


Through the use of innovative data collection, analysis and visualisation tools, Nacsport provides teams with the statistical and video-based information needed to spot strengths and weaknesses in their own squad and that of an opposition. Using this information, teams can see real growth and improvement.


Nacsport already has pedigree in basketball. Current FIBA World Champions, Spain use Nacsport for their performance analysis, as do FIBA World Cup runners-up, Argentina. The Canadian men’s basketball team and the Canadian wheelchair basketball team are also Nacsport users. At a club level, Nacsport is used by current German Champions Alba Berlin and Spain’s Saski Baskonia.


Already well established in Europe, especially in the world of soccer (famous teams such as Liverpool FC, Leeds Utd, and Atletico Madrid are Nacsport clients), this agreement with the WBDA marks an extension of operations into the American basketball market.


Elsewhere, Nacsport works with a variety of teams in different sports in North America, such as the Dallas Jackals rugby club, Fargo Force ice hockey club and the United States field hockey team.


Details of the Agreement


Over the next 3 years, the initial scope of this agreement, the WBDA will use a complete package of Nacsport products for the purposes of analysing the league.


The aim, according to the WBDA plan, is to create a central hub of data and video clips that can be accessed by every team in the league for the purpose of analysing their games. This will aid tactical and performance development at the clubs.


Data and video clips will be collected through the use of Nacsport and distributed to teams through Sharimg. Sharimg is an affiliate of Nacsport which is integrated into the system and allows for the direct upload of analysis data to the cloud where it can then be accessed by any team.


WBDA Nacsport


Teams will also be able to access Nacsport to advance their own video analysis, in addition to those resources provided by the league. One of the big advantages of this is that teams will be able to analyse training sessions, as well as matches, and use this information for player and tactical development.


Further to building a central analysis database, the WBDA also plans to use Nacsport in the marketing of the league, creating video clips and statistical data to be shared with potential investors and affiliates. Again, this is one of the huge advantages of using a system of analysis such as Nacsport which is both adaptable and flexible to many different needs. Fans will benefit too, as created clips can double up as content on social media and other platforms.


As a development league, it is also important for the WBDA to showcase their players. With an abundance of talent in the league, the resources created with Nacsport during the season can be used to create highlight reels which will then be disseminated to scouts and clubs, helping players to get picked up and further their careers.


The ability to provide teams a platform to monitor & showcase player development through statistical and video analysis is major growth for us. This component will assist us in continuing to provide a top level experience for players by exposing their talents for the world to see.William Kelly - CEO, WBDA


Benefits of the Agreement


As stated at the beginning, the WBDA has never had a system of analysis such as this and, therefore, it represents a massive step forward for the league, the teams, and the players.


Obviously, this is an agreement which benefits both parties greatly. It is an exciting opportunity for both parties and we look forward to working with each other throughout the initial term of this agreement.


In the near future, we will bring you more news on this partnership, as both parties have agreed to a series of case studies charting the progress of performance analysis at the WBDA.


Until then, thank you for reading.


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Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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